Canada legalised weed in 2018 – should Britain do it?

Canada’s legalised it, so three British MPs go on a weed trip to see if the UK could do the same. Being the first major Western country to go fully legal, Newsbeat …


  1. Can the BBC please stop with the bullshit phycosis nonsense and tell the truth cannabis doesn't cause phycosis you already have it its more likely to be an heriditory thing or even a society thing family disruption divorce etc then because you smoked a plant thc potency is the same as liquor % you wouldn't drink pints of vodka the same as you wouldn't smoke high one joint after another after another because eventually you would fall asleep if you had lower thc it would just take longer to fall asleep or worse case you have at witey be sick then pretty much feel ok with minutes unlike alcohol where if you drink too much guess what you will fucking DIE now tell which is worse and why one is legal and available everywhere and the other is criminalized ill tell you why money money money just wish the mainstream media and politicians had the balls to say look we don't care about the public health we just wanna make the rich richer end of rant

  2. Great video, hopefully soon uk/Ireland stop the crap talk and legalize it, less drunk people in the world is a good thing

  3. Way to go BBC getting everyone so hyped and then you hit us with. " It could take 10-15 years before we see recreational use legalised" I think I would rather cut of one of my legs to get medical than wait that long.

  4. the whole country has been begging the government to just research the medicinal properties for the last 50 years if not longer but no! everyone who smokes weed is a lowlife delinquent druggy but now they decide to consider it right after Boris Johnson becomes prime minister. I swear if the manage to legalise it for recreational us within the next two years i will support their party until the day I die.

  5. We smoke it like its legal in the UK anyway, when the retards in government want to start collecting taxes on it ill support them but legal or illegal makes no real difference to me

  6. Well this is actaully fantastic. Wonderful work all around. Love how you guys came here to Canada to see how we're doing things. I hope you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful country. 😁♥

  7. People have been using cannabis for thousands of years.
    People are using cannabis today,.
    People will always use cannabis.
    The use is world wide.

    The questions are:
    Do you want cannabis sold in a controlled and regulated shop
    or from the corner drug-dealer?
    Do you want the money from the sell of cannabis to go to local businesses and governments
    or to foreign cartels and street gangs?

    There are no other choices!
    Prohibition hasn't worked, isn't working now and will NEVER WORK!

  8. Yesterday i was arguing with someone about this exact subject, i am for legalizing it. To me the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives with a big margin.

  9. Is it illegal here in the UK?
    No way!
    I see and smell it so much that I would never have guessed it!

    I guess prohibition of Cannabis is an epic failure lol.

  10. Hey UK, Canada here…join us in doing so please.

    Edit. the strong potency is due to the history of use. it's been a part of life regardless of legality so we are accustomed to higher potency. for a new to the game market I agree start low and see where it goes.

  11. Legalise it, tax it, then we can get the strains we actually want. If it remains illegal we will all continue to buy it and growers will continue growing regardless

  12. The medical benefits are so good, I cant believe the government would ignore it. Oh wait, its not currently taxable…

  13. Commented this then deleted it cause I didn't want to be neagtive, but the journalist seems like an anal dickhead.

  14. The WAR MACHINE used the UN Single Convention to Criminalize weed so they could go after the Hippie anti-war protestors .
    ACTING With The COLOUR Of The LAW is criminal .
    weed is not criminal

  15. Mofo, in every place that’s legalized it the potency gets so high that people throw up and others who use it a lot develop Cannabinoid Syndrome … not to mention no one wants those shady pot stores in their neighborhood despite it being legalized so they always end up in the poorest neighborhoods

  16. God I'm glad I'm not a freemason like David Lammy… having to push drugs onto society for my political masters.

  17. Respect to Norman who actually tried it, although he should have took the proper dosage. And i 100% recommend northern lights!

  18. It's quite harmless, it should at least be decriminalised. Take the Portuguese model, New Zealand is doing the same.

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