Can I Travel With Cannabis? | Cannabis for Beginners

With cannabis legal in Canada and much of the United States, many may be wondering if they can travel with it. While it’s okay to travel with up to 30 grams of …


  1. Great video. How about shipping from those legal or partially legal areas of the world back to Canada? Any options for that?

  2. Reefer tokers are known to be jurking off in anticipation of their next rape victim, i smoked the devils cabbage once and i turned my family tree into a wreathe, juju lettuce not even once

  3. Its easier to travel with hard drugs than weed. Which sucks. I was in Aruba wanting to smoke so bad. But they only had that backyard boogy and I couldn't get jiggy with that shit

  4. They have the death penalty and/or whippings for you in Saudi Arabia if they catch you with with the plant. It's ridiculous!

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