Can CBD Help You Sleep Better? (How CBD Helps Insomnia)

DOES CBD HELP YOU SLEEP? // In this video, I talk about how CBD has helped my patients with difficulties sleeping – Insomnia. So, if you’re thinking about …


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  2. I find that CBN (degraded THC) is highly effective for sleep.

    I grew my own medical marijuana. Unfortunately, I did such a great job curing it, it has no CBN. When I harvested it, all of the trichomes were cloudy, with maybe a few amber ones. (Amber trichomes indicate THCa/THC that has degraded into CBN.) The varieties I grew (selected for ease of growth) don't produce a lot of amber trichomes, no matter how long I waited for them to ripen. I cured them in amber jars with humidity control packs, so the THCa has been well-preserved.

    There's a neat little trick you can use to get CBN from fresh cannabis. Simply decarboxylate the cannabis and vape the decarbed bud. If you decarb it correctly, there won't be too much CBN in the material. When heat is applied (vaping), decarbed THC seems to partially convert to CBN. It should also work for smoking. There's a popular brand of pre-rolls that uses decarbed flower in their product. They claim it works, and I would think smoking decarbed flower would produce more CBN.

    I should warn people, it's a pretty heavy high. CBN is psychoactive. It is also known to be sedative, and studies show it is comparable to barbiturates in terms of effect, but without the toxic, addictive downside. It also lasts a long time. That's a good thing. I vape some of this an hour before bed, and I am Rip Van Winkle. It's actually quite impressive, as my insomnia is very severe in mid summer. It's not anxiety-based insomnia. It is some neuro chemical imbalance. I'm not going to take addictive drugs or pharmaceuticals that make me sleepwalk, sleep drive, or whatever. Melatonin only made me depressed, it did nothing to help me sleep. Exercise makes it even harder to sleep. CBN is really the only safe and effective therapy for me.

    If you want CBN, you must use a high THCa chemovar, which is readily available. You can decarboxylate it by baking it in the oven at 248° F for one hour. I prefer to use the Ardent Lift precision decarboxylator, as I decarb a lot of flower. When it's done decarboxylating, you can vape it or smoke it.

    Unless you're a former Doobie Brother, take it easy. This stuff is strong and it creeps. The psychoactive high lasts a long time. It's actually more like Steely Dan than the Doobie Brothers, if you catch my drift ("Time Out of Mind"). I slump on CBN, in a good way…

    If you want to make a CBN edible, I would imagine another hour at 248° would produce more CBN. I actually haven't found much info on producing CBN. The industry is much more interested in decarboxylation processes that minimize CBN formation. From that information, I can infer that oxidation degrades THC into CBN. Heat accelerates this process. This is an area that could use more research… As it stands, CBN seems to be what most cannabis producers are trying to avoid. There are some cannabis products that are pure CBN, intended to treat insomnia. Purity isn't always a good thing, as cannabinoids work together — the "entourage effect". When I vape decarbed cannabis, I am getting THC, CBN, and a slight amount of CBD (also a lot of other lesser known cannabinoids — there are over 100). The primary cannabinoid is THC, but when combined with CBN, it's very sedating.

    One drawback to vaping decarbed flower is that you won't get as much flavor. The Ardent Lift preserves terpenes better than an oven, but they will be attenuated. In my experience, terpenes are oversold as therapeutic panaceas. At best, they have a small influence on pharmacology.

    There are advantages to vaping decarbed flower. It's very smooth, because of attenuated terps and less water vapor. When you decarb cannabis, H2O is a byproduct. Decarbed flower is drier and less sticky. When you vape decarbed cannabis, you're getting more cannabinoids, because water was removed in the decarb process. When you vape or smoke regular marijuana, you're decarbing on-the-fly, and inhaling some water vapor. It's not unhealthy, but the vapor or smoke is not as pure. This is another reason why vaping/smoking decarbed marijuana is so strong. I also notice that it makes vapes easier to clean, because there's not as much soot. Again, the water vapor from on-the-fly decarbing makes your vapes and pipes more sooty.

    Hope this helps. I agree with Rashna that CBD is a good sleep aid, particularly if anxiety is the underlying cause. It ameliorates my sleep problems, but it doesn't solve them. I'm like Al Pacino in "Insomnia". May through August are rough for me. I need something pretty heavy to sleep. I use CBD in the morning to clear my head of the remaining THC. I'm not sure how CBN interacts with CBD. My guess is that CBD's weak CB-1 affinity has it jiggling around the receptor, making it harder for both THC and CBN to bind. CBN and THC are very similar, as CBN is simply degraded THC. Since CBN is psychoactive, it probably binds to CB-1.

    To me, CBN is an important component of the "entourage effect". I actually really likes how it works with THC to produce a heavy, sedative effect. All of the cannabinoids work together, but playing around with the ratios can produce different effects. For me, CBD is daytime cannabis. It clears my head, gives me calm energy and allows me to focus. THC/CBN helps me sleep. Then I have my well-cured flowers that produce more of an energy high, for when I go out disco dancing.

    In my experience, the difference between "energy weed" and "sleepy weed" is CBN. Sativas take longer to ripen, so they tend to be harvested earlier and have few amber trichomes. Indica varieties seem to produce more amber trichomes, but they're very hard to grow in the SF Bay Area. I live two miles from the Pacific, so it's very damp. The tighter/bushier structure of Indica makes it prone to mold.

    Speaking of mold, decarbing flower prior to smoking/vaping will kill off any mold. Of course, mycotoxins may remain… It's yet another advantage of decarbing marijuana for vaping/smoking. 70% of the high THC chemovars I consume are decarbed. I sleep more than I go out disco dancing, after all.

    I also find the CBN/THC effect gives me a remarkable attention span. I like to watch lectures on theoretical physics when I am high. THC alone makes my mind race. CBN/THC sedates me to the point where I am simply mesmerized by magnetic fields and the particles that we experience. It makes me laugh harder at Sean Carroll's deadpan Insane Clown Posse jokes.

    If you go to a dispensary, you can identify energy strains vs. sedative strains based on trichome appearance. Look at the flower under the magnifier (Do they even let people do this anymore? I haven't been to a dispensary in two years… Seems like it's all pre-packaged these days.) If it has a fair amount of amber trichomes, it has CBN and it will be sleepy. If not, it will have more of an energy effect. With decarboxylation, you can convert energy weed into sleepy weed.

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  4. Yes! It really helps! I have a close friend that started using CBD oils because he couldn't sleep at night, now he tells me that CBD has really changed his life, I've ordered CBD oil a couple days ago, now I'm waiting them anxious to use it!!!

  5. Great video. I refused to use Ambien too…scary! I’ve tried various CBD oil products for my pain, anxiety, PTSD and sleep. It helped a little with falling asleep but not staying asleep because it did very little for my pain (severe osteoarthritis and Fibro). I did feel a bit more mellow using CBD. I ended up going for my mm card here in NY. The doc recommended 1:1 but I went for the high CBD instead. Didn’t work so then I went for the 1:1 first in oil and now in powder. It’s been a life saver. I’ve never smoked weed and I had the notion that I didn’t want any THC. I was so wrong! The THC added more benefit! I don’t know how but it works great now. I no longer take narcs, high doses of naproxen 😩 , benzos or SSRIs!!

  6. Hello doctor
    I'm a woman, 59 years old.. Have been suffering with insomnia all my life.. Remembering it from the age of 6.. I can't fall a sleep and it has ruined most my life.. Have tried everything… Now i m trying cbd but I don't know how much to take or when.. Could you please help? Thanks 😍

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