California's recreational cannabis legalisation | The Economist

Cannabis can now be sold legally for recreational use in California. The change in law in the most populous American state has the potential to make marijuana …


  1. Kinda funny looking at a bunch of men in suits discussing what is primarily though of as something a bunch of students or younger children doing while dressing very different.

  2. Go ahead and legalize it, advertise it for great patronage, but don't forget to build more psychiatric hospitals. Welcome to the new world order.

  3. So if cartels are pushing other drugs, have we noticed an increase in the use of those drugs since the legalisation of cannabis ?

  4. Couldn't get an intern to also narrate this paragraph? Don't make me switch to the radio for information, I don't even remember what radios are

  5. Bloody Americas "War on XXX" Is always a waste of resources and totally ineffective. Use intelligence not brute force!

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