California Vlog⎮7/26/19⎮~Mission Beach, Pacific Beach & Santa Monica!~

Bathing Suit Coverup: I have a size 3x=women’s size 20 and it’s a little big even being 5 months pregnant so size down!


  1. Oh darn, I hoped you guys would have gone to Coronado Island too, and strolled around the Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado is beautiful and fun, and the Del Coronado is magnificent and really something to visit. Maybe next time! I live here and you’re right, housing is stupidly expensive, but the area is so beautiful. Despite its faults, I love California. There is so much to see and do, and the weather is lovely for the most part. Plus, if you do want snow or skiing, it’s just a short drive to the mountains, and you have lots of snow and great skiing. There’s something for everyone. 🙂

  2. That's totally why I left orange county to move to DFW the pay really isn't much different but you're right you can get a mansion out here.

  3. Hi melissa, an bea,you girls are having fun! glad that you are! you look so pretty always melissa! tfs,peace an love!

  4. I’m in Toronto (Canada) and our average home is around 1 million. It’s so sad. My husband is a tradesman and he only makes 45k a year. Only the well-off can afford to “live”.

  5. Awww look @ the baby bump💕 Glad you’re enjoying the girls trip. I hope you ended up getting the hot dog lol

  6. You should check out Toronto Real Estate – it’s also super crazy! 1 million gets you a fixer upper!

  7. Hi, i have a name sugestion for the baby… If Autumn is born in the fall and you name her Autumn, how about you name the new baby Noelle… because she will be born in December. December=Christmas /Noelle! Love you!

  8. Im sorry your Italian meal wasn’t good! Hopefully you’ll find something better!! Have fun! Well, you’re probably home by now lol.

  9. I’m an RN living in San Diego. My husband also works in the ER. We just bought a townhome for 415k in a brand new community. We were renting a one bedroom apartment prior for $2100 a month which is ridiculous. We do have good paying jobs at a well known hospital but living in San Diego is definitely expensive. 😔 With $415k we could probably buy a single family home, way bigger somewhere else. We just love it here though. Our families are here and our neighborhood is awesome. The weather is amazing. If you want to go to the beach it’s minutes away. If you want to go to the mountains it’s also minutes away. There is a little town called Julian up in the mountains that make wonderful apple pies. All that is what’s keeping us here. ❤️

  10. Those prices are exactly why we’re moving to Texas next year! I love California so much and it will always be home for me but it’s way to expensive!

  11. Incomes are much higher than Texas, for sure. You cannot beat living in California. There are affordable areas….you just have to look and typically you have to commute a ways to work

  12. 3k for a middle class home in the city of orange ca.. it’s ridiculous… debating on living in San Antonio . That’s what my physician cousin smartly decided to do…

  13. Same prices in the East Coast! California is slightly higher! But, we do have more land but our house taxes are closer to 1,000 a month 👍🏽 people wonder why Massachusetts is called the “depressed” state, everyone works well over their 70s all for our schools 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Where are two bedroom app goes for 1.2 million a simple house can easily go for 1.6 million and up very common

  15. You two sweet ladies look like you’re having an enjoyable and relaxing trip. Please be aware of your surroundings, I’ve been a law enforcement wife 37 years and always say that to those I care about.

  16. You guys cant pay cash at the pump in TX? Wow, the things I take for granted… lol. BTW, you don't have to have the exact amount. You would just go inside and get your change from the cashier.

  17. I wouldn’t recommend anyone move to California. You have to have a high paying job, or you have to live with multiple people and divide the rent. It’s crazy expensive. There a lot of homeless people around the area I live. This used to be a great state but no longer. Politicians here only care about politics.

  18. California in general is so expensive 😭 I live in a one bedroom apartment and I pay 1,385 it's insane

  19. Oh! I live in Santa Monica! You were so close! Hope you enjoyed your stay, if you have time check out Laguna beach.

  20. Santa Monica! Is mine and my family’s go to spot! Mother’s Day, my birthday, free weekends. That’s where we are. 💕

  21. I am a homeowner in San Diego (city of SD). My home was built in 1951 and is a mere 1250 sq feet home. My home is worth 750k! My husband and I have professional jobs and are barely making it by. We are very much like you and budget/conscious about our money. We saved money for 6 years to buy a home. As happy as I am with the equity I have build in my home – the cost of living is too high here! Not sure if you noticed but we have a lot of homeless too! You are either super rich, barely surviving (me) or on subsidized everything (food, housing, insurance, etc). Leaving Cali is becoming a reality for me.

  22. How relaxing is that😌 I would kill to live on the beach ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you look amazing 💜💜💜💜💜

  23. Ive been right there to that beach many times and the boardwalk area. That pizza shop across the street is delish!! I would love to live there but it is super expensive you have multiple jobs.

  24. I love mission beach. Yes its very expensive even a 2 bed 1 bath is around 2k a month. Are minimum wage is only 12 dollars. Have to have a good job thats for sure. I love it here but yes we pay alot

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