1. I really like your work! I wonder what type of soil you are going to make so the plant doesn't need anymore extra things than water

  2. Very interested! But is it possible you would sell the products separately? As I already have a tent and light, but I would love to use your device on top to control them. Do you think that would be possible?

  3. Wow as an electronic / low-level programming enthousiast I am very pleased to see all the build by itself. Good build, good job and thanks a lot!

    (It remembers me the time I did my own 6502 board with soldering —> PTSD!!!)

  4. Hello
    You are smart and know what you are doing sir
    I would love to build a tent like this but I’m not smart like you
    can you please tell me if you can tell where to Buy a electronic components please

  5. Ich komme aus Deutschland und würde gerne eins Vorbestellen. Die Idee ist er Hammer 👌 könntest du vielleicht einen ganzen Grow mit dem Zelt hochladen?

  6. Super Arbeit! Ich könnte mir vorstellen dies selbst zu bauen. Könnte ich alle Einzelteile, so wie du es gemacht hast, selbst bestellen? Ich studieren Ingenieurwesen und hatte deine vorherigen Videos bereits gespannt geschaut und mir auch den Code geladen. Vielen Dank schonmal dafür !
    Grüße aus Berlin

  7. love the grow tent bro. im building something similar, subscribed to the email thing, hope it goes well.

  8. So when do you think your product is gonna be finished? Cuz I'm really excited to buy it but kinda losing my patient lol

  9. I'm a computer engineering major from Texas and I've done circuit design and Programming. Would live this product

  10. Hey mann i appreciate your work i olso live in Germany can you help me with the setup? Can i buy it from you? Do you have an email or something to talk

  11. I didn't even finish the video and already have to say: Geiler Typ! Always when you post a new video I just want to see mehr 😉

  12. I wouldnt recommend you blowing into a tent…
    It really fucks up the active Carbon filters! and with fucking up i mean REALLY FUCKING IT UP

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