1. thats why you need an emergency exhaust fan hooked to a humidity controller as a back up that only turns on at super high humiditys

  2. I've just got this for the first time. Devastation. I read that some people harvest the tops early, to prevent the bud rot, as even if environment is on point, the bigger buds simply hold more moisture, so it is inevitable; they're just trapping moisture.

  3. i took a compressor witha air attachement cleaned out the grill on the dehumidifyer wrks way betteer along with a clean filter i gotta clean mine once a week , now my dehumi is working okay . sucks having bud rot man . but u gotta roll with the punches . lov the channel , i watch all the vids im , running do si do next and zkittlez glue

  4. Wow now i feel good about owning two dehumidifiers. I got a 70 gallon free from amazon and got another for a flash sale for really cheap. Both are energy star and had good reviews.

  5. I really love that even when something isn’t going the way you want, you share it with us without bullshiting anyone. A lot of folks will only post the good and not the problem issues. Thanks for showing us everything brother, I love what you do, and how you do it. God bless.

  6. Different climate over here so never experienced bud rot , but good to see how and why … hope youve sorted it .

  7. my most fav kind of room to walk into full of buds praying to the light:) suck the Dhue craped out

  8. Bro that garden is still slamming slamming n something to me is better than nothing 👍🙏🖖✌️😎

  9. Sorry man I know it a sealed environment but if you could unseal a window for cross draft for the time being. I enjoy your content thanks for sharing

  10. I bet it was the photo boost side being a slight bit more dense probably started in those ones first ?

  11. Sorry gg for the dehumidifier, crapping out. Question, the output air from the dehumidifier is it pretty warm. I have a 30 pint I got practically new on let go and the air is pretty warm so I don't like to run in the summer if I don't have to. What's vpd?

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