Blueberry Pie cbd hemp flower review ( Black Tie Cbd )

This is my on site review of Blueberry Pie cbd #cbd #hemp #omg #flower if you want me to review your product email me at I do not sell …


  1. @ 24:54 | when you said it had that good grab😂😂 I can relate. Me & my homie call gas like that “ dat throat punch 💥🤛🏽 “🤣🤣🤣

  2. Say kutti, religious review… ya dig! Word on my hoes I’m move sum dat blueberry smoke around! Thanks foe putting ah pimp on game ..ya dig! Stay circle young blood and keep them squares boxed in ya dig! And remember Uncle Pimping Pooty said stay breezy… cuz it easy…being cheesy! Aiyee Yah,

  3. Just got an ounce of Blueberry Pie today. Tastes absolutely amazing, And it only took 2 days to get here. Unreal lmao

  4. Does Alabama have a stupid age limit on CBD? Google hasn't come up with an answer close to what I want. I just wanna know if I have to wait 2 months to turn 21

  5. I don’t know why my order that I placed on Tuesday and it’s waiting in the ups for 32 hours. I called CS and they couldn’t really help with any answers. I hope all this hype is worth the wait.

  6. I bought two ounces from Black Tie and a cartridge it was all garbage wish I could never wasted my hundred fifty bucks just stick with Tweedle Farms

  7. Can you please comment as to how the CBD flower makes you feel…
    I know you dont get high persa because it doesnt have thc… but I hear people saying it makes you feel relaxed.. clarity of mind..
    Can you comment on this.. thank you!😎

  8. I just want to say thank you brother for opening my eyes to the world of CBD bud finally can get off the meds and finally something that helps my anxiety and pain and not make it worse thanks man.

  9. Hey heads up on that pie mixed with Candyland Kief! I was in some fantastic deep thought and straight up slept like a baby on the most uncomfortable chair on my porch for 3 hours. Took a 4 day tolerance break and BAZAMM! Work stress zapped away and woke up smiling. To be fair 1/2 the bowl was straight candyland trikes – and I about needed a trike to wheel me from that amazing state of worry free bliss. Perfect after 10 hours working in the shop in this merciless South Georgia heat. If you're in Bama you know what's up. 🙂

  10. Put my first order in and waiting for grapefruit and the Jack.
    Thanks for the review….
    Peace out

  11. I love watching your videos! I recently found it, as of yesterday! CBD hemp flower has been a blessing for my anxiety! Blessings!

  12. Damn dude your vids are super entertaining. I dare people to watch and not smile. Took your advice and ordered that Blueberry Pie. I'm currently on a tolerance break for more effectiveness and MAN I hope that tolerance goes down fast cause I'm about to put my dang head through a wall! The payoff will be better though, and that anxiety will be down the street when the package comes in! Kick rocks, panic attacks!

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