Black Domina Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

Dark, delicious and devastating – Black Domina blends the world’s finest Indica genetics into a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid whose distinct looks set her …


  1. Aloha JJ, another great strain review. Keep up the great work we appreciate your hard work and dedication, to cannabis. Mahalo's

  2. Sorry J.J.that's the Genie Pipe you are using, I have the wizard and it don't got a belly, lmao Gyogi!

  3. I popped a 25 pak in 99, and every pheno was on the sweet or fruit slightly skunky terp range. Every pheno outa 25 so it's def don't have a spicy pepper terp profile. That was it's biggest trait that stuck out was the sweet lime fruit punch in your mouth. Just tell it like it is its a cross of the blk dom. Not the original blk dom

  4. No offense but that is a very poor sample of black domina genetics. I'm sorry but that must be a deluited hybrid of the dom cuz I've had black domina domina since I popped beans since 1999 and let me tell ya it's 100%frostier and taste like lime gobbstoppers! Crazy fruity terp profile. Not peppery or spicy or anything like you described. In sure ur seeds mite be crossed with dom but that isn't the black domina.

  5. Had some Black Russian other day. A cross between White Russian and Black Domina I believe. The buds were completely purple, never seen anything like it.

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