Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Reigniting Debate In Maryland

The debate to legalize recreational marijuana is gaining momentum across Maryland, but some are urging lawmakers to slow down the process.


  1. I notice it's all black people saying no…and that's so they don't lose there coner jobs sell weed to little white school kids ….give it up and get a real job it over……..

  2. I need money on my caregiver home growers should be able to send in their CBD flower or THC flower To A lab So people that really care about marijuana get the job they want and most of the time the people that like marijuana I don’t know like me I’m a caregiver I need money and I like growing marijuana make a lab so we can send in our bud so we can make money goddamnit does anyone think in this country at all

  3. That's the best way they can go cuz they can start selling the side stores he was like kicking back off cigarettes so it's the best way to go and like I was dying drunk I don't see nobody dying being high

  4. The state would make millions in taxes. Drinking and driving is worse then smoking and driving. Get this bill passed !! 🔥🔥🔥👍

  5. The nations capital has legal weed. Its only a 30 min drive away from balto. More east coast states have already legalized. Md should jump on the bandwagon and get some much needed tax money. And no, the money will not go to the schools it never does. But it should atleast go to infrastructure improvement.

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