This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! I am Mr. Canucks Grow. In this episode I am harvesting the biggest yielding autoflower I have ever done in my career.


  1. Matt, you are one of the main reasons i have gained the confidence to start my own garden! Your videos give me solid, dense rock hard boners similar to your bud structures

  2. Amber n milky tricones ? Whats the diff and is that how u tell its ready. Ive never seen this stuff before up close

  3. Thanks man! Your my favorite grower on here, I'm glad I found your channel it's been so damn helpful. Plus gives me tons to look forward to from watching your grows and working on mine afterwards

  4. Complete lie,or maybe it's true I had a dream Matt was on Seinfeld and Jerry kept making boring observations about rossin presses. Jerry:"what's up with rosin pressing,it seems like everyone you know is pressing rosin, I just want to press my tye is that too much to ask for Kramer, could you not leave your parchment paper in my tye press."

  5. These auto's seen just like cars, standard is way more fun but after a while you just want to put on cruise and chill. I've been scared of trying them in the past but realizing how much Rudi is already in the market with fast version and even regulars, I'm wanting to take the scared I was worrying about a cross going full Rudi but so far I've never heard of it. Seen a black n white chick have a jet black baby with a white dude so anything is possible, yeah they had the DNA test lol, and I got white kids with a black and white chick so I see resesive Gene's taking over in my own family so I know that this type of stuff happens

  6. Grow pot, watching pot growing by other people, smoking pot I have to add one more thing to this monotony,ahh yes munchies chears dude great show as always

  7. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired of people telling me that the ruderalis does not affect the end result of an Autoflower. Unfortunately ruderalis just does not produce cannabinoids like sativa or indica. Remember people in this world, I don't care what subject you are talkin about, you always have to give in order to get. And in order to get the Autoflower that does not need a photo. Change and harvest quicker, you have to give up quality. Just The Way of the World folks. Thank you for someone else pointing out what I thought was wicked obvious.

  8. You also forgot to mention that all white widow strains from that breeder all have high cbd content and less thc content… wtf

  9. Great video and I like how you talk like a game show host 👨‍🎤thanks for all the info. Subscribed, liked, and commented… booyah!!! motherfuker

  10. I been watching your videos and im learning how to do it im a fan now from your channel i need help on how to nutrition of the plants and how to grow good buds ?

  11. Hi Mr Canuck,

    I know this is an old vid, but a few questions please. Would the meizih led lights 900w be okay for a whole autoflower grow? And secondly, how many led lights would you recommend for 2.4x 1.4 tent? Thanks bro

  12. Who gives thumbs down in any of ur videos there so good and informative plus I’m Canadian to so fucking rights brother we messaged u on insta gram @growgirl902

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