Best Ways To Smoke Weed Tier List

Tier list video for the best ways to smoke weed. I tried to think of the most common ways of how to smoke weed but if you have any other ways that you would …


  1. Legit never use a bong in an isis training camp lmao issa bad news💞 Instagram: DuckingAround 💞


  2. The little STD bump on the bowl is so you can tap that with a lighter to empty it instead of hitting the thin glass and possibly breaking it

  3. FYI bro you can buy unfilled cigarettes… Also never smoke spliffs the nicotene fogs up the high its not about making the joint last longer its about enjoying it

  4. 😄😄 the knife i used it once with some friends and we were high as fuck and it was really hard to hold it still to put the weed on it but it was really fun at the moment and worth the experience

  5. Blunts are just goat just for the fact it’s a chill smoke no hard core shit just chillin smoking and u get that feeling bongs u get high as shit and somehow end up coughing cuz the hard ass hit u took but u do get higher soo 👍🏽

  6. Honestly, I can see why you put a lot of the stuff where you did (even if I disagree with it), but one thing that boggles my mind is why bowl pipes are so high on the list? The smoke just seems harsh and not tasty to me, and it just isn't as fun as anything else to me. I get a much bigger kick out of bubblers, which are usually the same price, but just better in my opinion. Your thoughts though?

  7. Bruh weed is better with a fat tolerance. Pls learn to smoke before making a tier list 3-4 months of smoking daily and you will know what’s up

  8. I'm a big fan of the non-oil vapes. It can make your stuff last way longer plus I have a virgin throat and the smoke hurts me 😥

  9. Honestly I feel like smoking the flower vs cartridges or using vaporizers is a better high, it feels much more natural and intoxicating. When I smoke with the latter two it’s intense but it feels too sterile.

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