1. Yo so far u just showed me Vapes that I'd get cought with if I carryied around and who wants a battery that big

  2. Hello everyone,

    So I’m new to the vaping industry but have been smoking regularly for years.

    I was wondering if someone could recommend me a good vaping device that isn’t crappy , that can hold a decent amount in the chamber, produces good flavour and easy to use.

    I’ve looked into the pax , firefly 2, divinci and vivant ambit

  3. I love the idea of the dynavap, no batteries to fail, and no plastic… seems like the perfect vape

  4. I've owned the DeVinci Ascent for 4 years and it's still going strong. I'm considering their IQ for my next vape, but part of me wants to try a different brand. The Ascent is the only vape I've owned, so I'd hate to take a chance on something different and wind up not liking it. These things are not cheap! My main requirements for a vape are longevity/durability, stealth/portability, ease of use, good battery life (or replaceable battery), and easy to clean. I don't mind paying good $$ for a vape as long as it's a good overall design, lasts for many years, and just works well. I think the IQ would be a nice upgrade to the Ascent, but you're the expert…what do you think, Mr. Vape Critic?

  5. Hey guys! Been smoking for a few years but im new to this vaping thing. I'm considering buying the Fury 2 or the XMAX Starry. My budget for this is really low and I want something portable. Any advice on these two options?

  6. Finally. A real review so you know how it smokes I had reviews talking about it but you don’t know how it hits

  7. DON't buy Grasshopper from Hopper labs. This product is good looking but it's a PIECE OF CRAP.Mine has been in
    Colorado for repair for 9 of the last 24 months. Needed to be serviced
    three times in the first 6 months.Go to their Facebook page to see how
    frustrated are their customers.

  8. I have the mighty and ghost mv1..
    I don't use the mighty anymore the ghost is much more potent and flavourfull..I used to own a volcano too and the ghost hits me more than that too.

  9. Great presentation!!! But, I want some cheaper portable vaporizers…My friend once said FEELM is great, maybe next time we can do a pod system review!!!

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