1. You didn't show the battery / charing system on the TurfEx unit. The Turfex is unit I am looking at buying.

  2. Chapin 20v – available and affordable to few times a season hands-on yard workers. does what it does well. Runs on B&D battery so nothing proprietary there.

  3. When is it necessary to buy a tool like the turf ex ? The back sprayer seems to be as good to do the job ? I have 25000 Sq Ft so i'm wondering which i have to buy. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Representative where I bought my 4 gallon backpack pump sprayer told me to stay away from battery sprayers if I’m only using it a couple of times per season.

    Saved a ton of money and purchased an excellent backpack sprayer:

  5. been waiting on a battery sprayer.overpriced with too many leaks.i saw i believe a scotts and i think field king 2gallon battery sprayers for 80$ on Amazon a month ago wich is reasonable.dont mind paying for quality equipment but to early in stages of development.im hoping ego comes out with one as they seem to lead the battery platform.thank you for videos

  6. I know it's a long shot, but could you possibly take the time to review the Groundwork 18v backpack sprayer from Tractor Supply Co.? I bought one at the end of last year on clearance for $69.99.

    That thing has been awesome. The most comfortable and padded sprayer on the market, from what I can tell.

    Thick, padded bolsters in between the plastic tank and your back. Beautifully padded, lovely straps and the tank itself is ergonomically designed. I love it to pieces.

  7. Nice but out of price range. I got a 20v chapin at Walmart a few weeks ago and its it's leaking, will return. The end of last season I got a bargain a 4 gallon chapin pump backpack one for $15, I got 2.

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