Best Disposable Vape 2019 | STIG Review

(18+) This video is intended for adults either 18+ or 21+ Click the link to get your hoodie today! Here is the full stig review for you guys!


  1. It’s actually watermelon and cantaloupe with menthol, which is the reason why people say that the taste of the watermelon is a little stale!

  2. Thnx homie I found 1 it was empty tho I found it on a spring it was blinking but now I know thnx boi

  3. Ik this is like 2 months late but I hope u see this imma big fan of urs and this video was super helpful because I was just abt to give one also keep living ur best life I wanna be like u when I’m older no cap keep up the good work bro❤️

  4. if you still had the og channel you would have like 300k it’s amazing how you got knocked down than continuously got back up dawg it’s inspirational

  5. Be careful with this. I had a verry verry bad side effect from abuse of this. I worked a really stressful job and I used this as a way to de-stress and before I knew it I went through like a pack of three I say in a couple of weeks as a result I suffered severe nausea and even high blood pressure of 150 systolic and 90 diastolic. So please use it moderately.

  6. I have a green puff lush ice and it’s blinking blue at the bottom but I just got it and it won’t hit

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