Best Cannabis Trimming Machines of 2018

Best Cannabis Trimming Machines of 2018 – In no ranking order- No copyright is claimed. 1) The Triminator Machine 2) Trim Pro Rotor 3) Twister T4 4) Trim Pro …


  1. Hand clippers are the best. It's a grower thing, you can cut it to fit it's shape without damaging it and shaking off the crystals that were meant to stay on there. If your weed don't glisten like a diamond, you've got low grade, badly handled, machine overworked weed that cost about 5 bucks yet they make you overpay at the dispos hmmm?

  2. Guys,maybey is machine not better than hand trimming but if u have couple of kg every month , its hard to trim it with hand 😁

  3. If you think that this method of trim is better then hand trim ,then please just don't grow weed.
    This auto trimmer will make your bud degrade its potency by 35 to 50%.
    How do I know this….I had one…I did half a crop in the auto trimmer and the other half by hand…. The auto trimmer was at least half of the potency of the one done by hand.
    all grown in the same tent with the same nutrients and light.
    Trimming by hand has the best result by far.

  4. Trimming machines are bullshit… hand trim is the best, machines knock off allllll the tasty trichomes..

  5. And just fore the peaple that says hand cut is best
    .try 150 /200 bye hand and lets c iff thats something you want 2 do again

  6. This video shouldn’t exist as there should never be a list titled “the best trim machines of 2018” there’s literally only one way to trim bud and it’s by hand.

  7. Trim pro sucs bad beats up bud not worth it I have one takeing it to the dump t4 mutch better if u got 4 g

  8. Hand trimming is the best. Why do you think people in Humboldt always hire people instead of machines. Machines knock off the crystals and such

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