1. I just thought I would try for the first time putting some CBD oil in my hot tea with honey while watching your video and take some Tylenol. Thanks a lot for the tip about the Tylenol!!! I had given up a long time ago on any OTC pain relievers because they did nothing for me.
    The oil hadn't worked for me at all in the past for pain relief?? I was having pain so bad from arthritis and fibromyalgia that I couldn't sleep at night. The CBD capsules with food have really helped. I've read it's a tricky compound as far as absorption.
    I've had a bad arthritis flare up from becoming more active and particularly from doing a lot of heavy lifting in the last couple of weeks. Very happy to be more active but that does tend to bring on more pain.
    Putting it in the tea worked with taking Tylenol and the arthritis in my hands is already better. I do have IBS and other digestive issues so glad I finally thought of doing that πŸ˜…
    Thanks for the video.
    I would love it if you would do another video and talk about the absorption of CBD, any recommendations on dosage guidelines for pain. Also, how the terpenes work together with CBD. I am familiar with the term but need to learn more about that.
    Thank you, Ben!! πŸ™‚

  2. THC or Tetra-Hydra Canabinol must be carbolinized (burned) in order to make it work. you can't just eat it raw, that would be like eating lawnmower grass.

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