Beau Kilmer, Ph.D.: "Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know" | Talks at Google

Beau Kilmer, Senior Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation and co-author of “Marijuana Legalization, What Everyone Needs to Know” spoke at Google …


  1. u fukin people are morons ppl have been smoking weed for thousands of years not rocket science u nerds. keep your bitch ass corp. hands off it

  2. People, this is guy is basically anti-marijuana. He's encouraging legalization policies that will keep cannabis as expensive as possible in order to keep consumption down, because in his mind consumption of marijuana = bad. His whole act (him and Mark Kleiman) is to go around saying "ARE YOU REALLY SURE YOU WANT TO LEGALIZE WEED?" thereby scaring people on the fence. The posture of these guys is to claim the "middle ground" between prohibition and market-based legalization because, per their arguments, these things are equally bad! It's easy to be snide about knee-jerk anti-weed conservative politicians but it's these puritan liberals that are the real enemy of marijuana legalization. This is why I think social-justice based arguments for legalization can back-fire in a way that liberty based arguments cannot. The social-justice arguments for legalization can logically be satisfied by decriminalization and non-commercial legalization whereas the personal liberty arguments for legalization call for cannabis to be distributed just like any other market good — through capitalism. I don't care about some people making money off of cannabis. I care about lower prices for marijuana enthusiasts so that we don't have to make a choice between indulging as much as we'd like and making a car payment or rent, a choice that this Beau Kilmer is very eager to force upon working and middle class marijuana enthusiasts.

  3. Profits/Tax revenues motive rules.
    WE Know very little about many "natural" gifts yet emphasize risk of adverse effects as determined by minimal academic research.
    We know Cannabis is a PLANT. Educate. Legalize.

  4. I really don't care how the law plays out, as long as the mentality (especially for the police officers) of the people allows it, the law wont be closely followed

  5. when our society had no values then we will legalize anything. That is the sad thing… The problem is not that it was technically wrong to legalize it, but the problem is that it had no soul. Why put a human as a leader when the policy they'll make is like a program making optimization. Where is our dream & morality? drug should've been 'wrong'.

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