Barnaby Joyce calls out Lucy Haslam before medicinal cannabis debate in Tamworth

In a subscriber-first exclusive, see the video of the bizarre exchange that unfolded in the Tamworth cinema between Barnaby Joyce and Lucy Haslam. Barnaby …


  1. There are only two kinds of people who want to keep cannabis illegal. Those who benefit from prohibition… and those uneducated about it.

  2. Barnaby comes off as such an arrogant and ignorant fool. No one is saying it will stop a cancer patient dying from cancer and neither will most pharma drugs, but cannabis is proven to help millions of people suffering pain from not only cancer but all sorts of pains, crones, fibromyalgia and all sorts of issues. Barnaby came across as so rude and uneducated towards knowledge of cannabis and how it works. Lucy was right, we as Australians are so far behind many places in the world now in terms of legal access to cannabis but the blackmarket is thriving and some criminal groups are majorly profiting from that. And it's because there is a huge demand from cannabis that is not being met legally, because our backwards politicians aren't allowing progress. It helps people relax, it helps appetite, it chills people out and it helps people sleep. Old angry drunken Barnaby is OK with piss heads and getting hammered on beers and spirits but tries to stigmatise people for having bongs, even though he admitted to doing it himself. Even Malcolm Turnbull admitted to using weed as well and I'm sure many many other Aussie politicians have consumed cannabis at some point. We need to relax our laws to cannabis, even allow small home grows and not worry about end use possession. Grow up Barnaby and stop being such a hypocrite. To use cannabis does not mean you have to smoke it either, there are oils, edibles and vaporisation. Get with the times Australian politics.

  3. Does anyone actually give a rats about what the red necked philandering bastard thinks anyway? I expect whiskey and Viagra is more his thing.

  4. This arrogant piece of shit… after this he went straight to the fucking pub….why do people try yo be polite to these fucking asshats? they are not there to help us….he should have chased out of that theater. He doesn't deserve to even be spoken to …how the hell could you dumb shits in New England vote for this cunt?

  5. it is a crying shame Barnaby burnt all of his brain cells drinking alcohol which in fact will take your life , Indian hemp is listed on the stock market and it cures your life i suppose you don't need a brain to work that one out , oh and on a last note why are they decriminalizing it in Canberra only

  6. Your exactly right lucy haslam… . Ignorance has its roots dug deep around this subject… and in the pollies that hold the power of potential. … hows this planet ever gonna heal with wankers like barnaby in a seat of power lol

  7. I reckon the bloke on stage next to Lucy, said it best. On a deeper level I believe Barnaby feels like he has lost his brother and was told by doctors there was nothing more they could do, and now he is angry and upset because its clear, that there was more they could have done to help his brother. The answer he was looking for was cannabis, it heals, it helps people. Its just a plant. That's it…. A beautiful healing plant.

  8. Barneys a flop who cant even keep his dick in his pants let alone should he have any sort of power over a fucking plant

  9. MC is embroyonic – only in Australia. Australia is a backward back water -not only on this issue! Lucy is right, Australia is a laughing stock on this

  10. This is so confusing to me. It is already legal so why did they allow it to get this far already if they are waiting on double blind tests? My Aunty towards the end of her life was denied access by her oncologists and even palliative care doctors. She knew it wouldn’t reverse her condition but wanted to ease some of her suffering. Even though it was legalised she was denied the option and even if they had allowed her to the price would have been criminal…

    My second point is Barnaby actually said “if uni students want to pull a few cones that’s one thing, god knows I did!” – Stop right there. Why can’t we FIRSTLY legalise it purely as a recreational drug? Everyone thinks it’s more reasonable to push medicinal cannabis first because they want to show it’s medicine not a drug… my point is this – We already have alcohol and cigarettes. We all know cannabis is less harmful than these and even uninformed people would say it’s at least equally as harmful. So immediately push it through as a recreational drug first and then everyone who wants to use it medicinally can also have access to it and governments and hospitals/doctors have no legal worries about prescribing something they feel hasn’t proved its efficacy yet.

    After that once more Australian research comes out they can introduce it to hospitals and the health system all it means is people can choose the right to use it to ease their suffering. I don’t care if they make it like cigarettes with a big health warning on it. We all know the truth so who cares? Get it available first recreationally as a strategy and then the research will be more easy to conduct as it won’t be a prohibited substance and like I said sure some will just use it like people use alcohol but others will do their own research and start using it medicinally even if it’s only released as a recreational drug… is this a crazy idea? Why haven’t people thought of this? Why battle all of the entire health system and every doctors reputation.. we need a better strategy

  11. Its absolutely gutting and beyond depressing to see this absolute sack of fith Barnaby keep getting voted back in to represent the area I spent my whole childhood. Vote this piece of shit out of office as soon as humanly possible, it's the bare minimum he deserves when he should really be rotting in a prison cell instead.

  12. There is only ONE question to ask in relation to why are the government so intent on keeping the use of cannabis illegal and that is Cui bono?

  13. Thank you Barnaby Joyce. Tell them how it is and don't get manipulated by profiteers. They only want to further roll out access for themselves and big dangerous pharmaceutical companies. All trying to get bags of cash from the sick and poor. #LegaliseCannabis 🤠✊🌏

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