Aurora Cannabis Vs Canopy Growth 2019- Buy, Sell Or Hold – ACB WEED CGC STOCK

In this video me and Aaron from Departures Capital Take a look at aurora cannabis Canopy growth. We talk about wether we think these companies are a good …


  1. Let us know wether you are buying or selling aurora and canopy stocks
    hope you guys enjoyed this collab with me and departures capital !!

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  2. Aurora is killing my soul, just gonna hold, i sold a little bit and kind of waiting until it drops its gonna be good long term. Maybe I should invest in it like I do my IRA.

  3. unfortunately, there are many great plays so acb and weed … I bought my acb just to have and hold incase big money  swoops in.  no reason to by canopy. more money to be made from the tier 2 plays.

  4. Buy aurora! Its going to sky rocket sort term and long term. I got 2900 shares at 5.58 usd. Lets get this money

  5. Was looking into those stocks a year ago wish I had bought some then

    But check out my cannabis grow series!!

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