Aurora Cannabis Introduces CBD Oil Cartridges for Vape Pens-Books 20.6 million with TGOD investment

Aurora Cannabis Introduces CBD Oil Cartridges for Vape Pens-Books 20.6 million with TGOD investment – RICH TV LIVE – October 16, 2018 – Aurora Cannabis …


  1. You've been doing the countdown for months, Rich. Now it's only hours before history. How do you feel right now?

  2. Great news! Heard it from you first, of course 🙂 Aurora offering more products? That can only mean one thing…$$$$$ Thanks Rich

  3. Do you think Aurora and Namaste are gonna announce another deal soon? I was soooo happy watching Namaste over 3 bucks again then right nack to 2.52. Nice to see it bounce right back up a bit

  4. big stuff Rich, I got almost 10 grand in Aurora and am in it for the long term hope to see canopy like stock prices by this time next year.

  5. I think, Aurora is waiting to list in New York stock exchange for announcing the big deal (it can be coke or someone else) , if that's the case stock would rise beyond our expectations

  6. I wish Aurora was on Robinhood I still have my shares that I bought when it was on it but I would love to buy more right now.

  7. ACBFF will shoot up even much higher when (Yes, I believe when not if) announces a closing of a deal or partnership with a major beverage company. Don't know if it will be with Coke. Coke would be ideal and freaking awesome. If it's coke they will shoot through 20 USD. IN the following video, especially between 46:10 to 47:00, I think James West and Cam pretty said it without saying it. Cam certainly knew. James West also knew too, I believe. That's my read between the lines. I think they already have things lined up and waiting for the right time to announce it.

  8. This is really cool (what Aurora is doing). I hope people don't mind the selloff today, or they do mind it and pay attention to it and take advantage of it because this industry and especially Aurora IS HERE TO STAY!

  9. Rich, By refusing to exercise those options, do you think it shows that Aurora is not confident in TGOD?

  10. Aurora all the way brother!! And this is just the beginning. They are the smartest wolf out there.

  11. Wellness A1+ Aurora style : ) Rich , always on top of the news , what a great day yesterday … eh ? LOL Cheers again from YUL to you in YVR , and our "capital" buddy in YYZ . Lets go dudes … its party time ! Wow … Aurora is just now over 16.00 !!

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