Aurora Cannabis (ACB) 2019 Q1 Explained – RICH TV LIVE

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) 2019 Q1 Explained – RICH TV LIVE – November 12, 2018 – Today I break down the Aurora Cannabis Q1 Financials. Aurora Cannabis …


  1. ACB is a shorters paradise. Ive seen their product and its not very good… Im starting to have my doubts about these guys.

  2. These earnings and revenue are so good !!! Why does the stock keep going down??? I don’t get it !! These pot company’s increase revenue by 300%and yet the stock goes down… if Netflix or square did this , their stock would sky rocket !!!!

  3. Xanthic exploded over 1100% today from .18 to $2.12. I lost out. 🙁 Rich, did you happen to profit from this? Love the channel & info. Thank you.

  4. Hey Rich can you do a segment on HMMJ I would like to know how this ETF works when these big companies buy out all the little ones. Will this ETF eventually only be 5 companies? I haven't seen you do anything on HMMJ in a while. Can you explain how this works please?

  5. Aurora is a the strangest company I've ever come across. From past experiences, anytime when a company has positive earning results, the share value steadily increase within days/weeks/months. How can a company like ACB shows so much earning results/potential and yet, it keeps on tanking? I can't quite pin-point my finger on it but there's something extremely wrong with this company.

    Looks can be deceiving. It looks and sounds great on paper and all but ACB just press on tanking. Lowest this morning is at around $6.80(U.S.) and ACB will most likely remain this way for quite some time.

    Yes, long term 3-5 yrs, it's a possibility should Coca-cola or Pepsi decide to partner up with ACB but for now ACB remains extremely unstable even with all the hype. If you ask me, this is another buy/sell-out schematic. Aurora remains a sitting duck as investors are exploiting its hype to its limit.

    The exploiters are getting rich off of this opportunity while the rest of us just cringe at the sight because we fell victim to this schematic hype.

  6. Good Morning, Rich! Did you hear that Brad Rogers bailed at Canntrust??? UGH!!!!!!!!! This is going to be a HELL of a week….and they have earnings this week as well. FUCK!

  7. your channel has helped me a lot .link is for anyone that wants to check out m1finance which allows you to daily dollar cost avg and buy partial shares. Would love to see my favorite channels do reviews of the algorithm forums since there are no fees. If anyone wants to check it out they can use the link .im so excited about the beleave split but it still hasn’t showed up in fidelity ,is that normal for it to take so long

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  9. C'mon. 260% where have you seen something like that even WITHOUT a full quarter of legalised weed?! Imagine the results of 2019. BUY THE DIP!

  10. Rich, love the show, but can barely hear you because of the music in the beginning …..Also, are you based in Toronto area?

  11. I understand the rap music represents hype music but it always feels off. I dont picture you raising your voice and getting down!

  12. I ended up buying RIV and AUSA.wt when they opened. I'm so f***ed at the moment. Need something good to trade my last $1K and help make some money back 🙁 HELP!

  13. I've been investing for about 8 years now and watching your videos is a huge plus for me! Very informative and I learn more and more, personally I'm going big on HUGE and Planet 13, smaller position in Aurora, but I do think it will be a leader in the cannabis industry, def a long hold. I dont care if the companies I invent in go down a bit, it's part of the game, and everyone needs not forget the overall global stock market as a whole has fallen…..mark my words when the market turns green…game on!

  14. Rich, good video champ

    But I still am confused why aurora didn’t even freaking hold at freaking $10?

    When will be see $14 per share?

  15. Hi Rich, any thoughts on GGB, cse, IPOs tomorrow, seems to have some pretty high powered execs behind it! Looks promising. Green Growth Brands Ltd., thanks

  16. Rich, it's clear to me that we are in a booming market. Can you help us understand why the majority of pot stocks are trading at their yearly lows? Are investors still not convinced?? A lot of the stocks I own are trading so poorly, it's almost embarassing

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