Tonight, we are joined by Asterios, we talk about YouTube getting sued, and more! ANNOUNCEMENTS: ▻UHV (ft. Steve McRae): …


  1. No one on the left is anti-Semitic. We abhor racism in all its forms. Jewish and Israeli people are fabulous. Some of our biggest allies.

    Israel, though, is garbage.

  2. I miss when the Pokemon go talk was just a front for humiliating a Manatee. Also Ramen Aah, is one of the names of the FSM, the ancient Chinese first discovered him and all his saucy goodness and he inspired the ancient chinese to make ramen which fueled them through their fight and helped them build their wall, the mighty ramen ahh was covered in Mongolian blood which we all know is spicy and red, and when the FSM flew to Rome he inspired the creation of spaghetti with his spicy red noodles. As has been written so shall be. These facts prove themselves and cannot be countered, proving once and for all that the only true God is the Flying Spaghetti Monster… Aah Ramen

  3. Just tuning in after a year or more……yall seriously just ERASED tj from all of existence?

    He was a HUGE part of this at least leave a small trace of him in the intro

  4. What's good Billy 🤙 Any Time you want to get on that #PokemonGo Raid Grind – HMU – We will chauffeur U around in our 2009 Camry lol. P.S. Congrats on that Shadow Snorlax.

  5. What?!? I didn't know about this "older than length of month, you get the whole month" B-day rule! I've wasted 15 days so far!

  6. He dint hang himself according to the official report. He essentially chocked himself to death by leaning into the sheet. He was removed of suicide watch and than his cell mate was transferred along with a new guard put on his shift. It just a lot of coincidences that wrap up into an oddity.

  7. Andy Dick got in trouble for exposing himself on stage? Whatever, man. That's Tuesday for Bobby Lee. I saw him give a fat neckbeard a lap dance while wearing a man-bikini.

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