1. I want to ask a real dumb question now but Iam slightly baffled so ..I've just gone to take 2 cold & flu capsules from pack it was last 2 from a stip of 8 ..so I pop them out and one is red & yellow and other is navy & blue 🤔 so Iam thinking why are there 2 different coloured pills in a pack, I don't recall the pack being like this but can't check as was last 2 and I thrown box , so I took them anyway as thinking they are not going to put a wrong pill in a stip of 8..now Iam thinking 🙈😮 wtf…should I have taken 2 different coloured pills ,so I just want to know is this normal to have different coloured capsules in a strip,maybe I will just go buy same pack to check 🤔 just a bit strange..and a bit dumb of me to take something when this unsure ..

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