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  1. What these #President and the #StateGovenors and the #Senators #Legeslators and #Congress need to understand they work for the American people not the other way around nothing is greater then the vote and the legislation of the american people. I wish i could say that was true in the State of Arkansas where Legislators Governors and state employee's Abuse Americans Constitutional rights. Where they think Government is more powerful then the freedom and rights of its people. As communist as it sound I watch this happen as our legislator took away our American rights our rights to put constitutional amendments on the ballot because they personally do not like the legalization of marijuana and now our own president of the united states is talking behind close doors to try to stop it just because they do not like it or its popularity where the #DOJ and #DEA and #FDA run rough shot over Americans and they violate the same Constitutional rights they have swarn to uphold and defend because of there own personal bios. What is sad is people like me who has a medical reason to use cannabis for medical use can't get Safe access in a state of Arkansas where it is legal for Medical use because of these bios and government officials that are not upholding there jobs and defending and protecting the constitutional rights of its people if I was not on SSI I would Take them to court over it but I am to poor and have to rely on a check from the government to survive but you will when we go to the voter box in 2020 and we remove you from office. Because you clearly do not understand this is for people that need the medical use of cannabis We are not trying to get high or wanting to give it to children We want it Taxed and placed behind a counter and off the streets where in America you can get on any local school yard or playground or city block or park because the police have failed us and the War on Drugs. The only Gateway Drug is that of the Dealer that does not ask for a ID and does not ask or care if they overdose die or get hurt and this is why it is better to take cannabis the safest of prescriptions or any alcohol or tobacco product and safely give it to all Adults 21 years of age or older. We believe in Justice the court systems and our rule of law What we don't believe in is putting any one in jail for a harmless plant that has never killed not one person in 80 years. What we believe in is not letting the police take advantage of poor neighborhoods minority and people of color as well as poor white people to fine them and give them a shame record that effects the way there outcome of life even if i never get the chance personally to use cannabis legally I will always be the one making sure the ones with the smallest voice is being heard by our government because it is effecting people when you create jobs in the cannabis industry you help mills of under privileged get and find work you allow there records to be expunge because they are truly none violate offenders that have been targeted by the American police and preyed upon then days are over we see now a grass roots effort to change the laws and to take a stand and do whats right for the American people that is to make sure they have safe access to make sure they are no longer preyed upon. because that is what these police forces are doing they are prying on them jailing them and putting them in prison for charges of selling or possession this Jailing for profit allows them to pry upon them to forfeiture on the possessions The Unconstitutional act the U.S Supreme Court has just ruled upon not long ago as Unconstitutional now they try to blame accidents that are clearly done with other drugs in there system such as pills or alcohol again they try to convenience you that there are DUI Offences that Children Have access to Cannabis your right about that but they are not getting it from a Dispensary they are getting it from the Black markets that use the legal markets as cover they go buy it and sell it to children and these are the ones you truly need to throw a book at…But they will tell you more children have gone to the hospital because of overdose again false not one child has died from accidental exposure to the cannabis products this would not be a fact if it where fintinal or prescription pills or other forms of street drugs. You can almost thank goodness that these children have not died from the use of cannabis also you have police arresting people and giving them a option of Rehab or Jail Clearly they will pick rehab as if this can prove this is a addiction because we know for a fact 1 out of every 11 has a very low dependence but this is not a dependence of drugs like heroin cocaine Tobacco or Alcohol more like a caffeine dependence one where after a small time it can go away with no effects or consequences. It is time like you have said to make America great Again that starts buy making sure you respect the Constitutional rights of the people or you will not be here next term i am afraid because like the wind we can cause massive change buy going to the box and casting our vote The government is a body of its people the Owner of its peoples and your good thing can be taken away from you with one single vote over millions of ballots this county was founded on the right to cast your voice to have a voice and to have rights that all must be EQUAL Under the LAWS You have police shooting people in the back or in there cars or choking them out this type of abuse is why they are not loved in America they are a body of the people as well but they abuse there rights to much and murder and walk away free Where is Our Justice? when you can not trust them to help you you think militarizing them will help you will only make it worse not better there are good cops and there are bad cops but none can be trusted and that is the truth and it truly is sad. #Legealizeit #Nationwide

    If not people like me will continued to be stepped on in the state Abused by Government officials and state workers that will not give me a fair chance to safe access and there are lots more like me that cant get access because of the state bios and #Nonecopmpassion acts of officials

    where we are being abused something our government has tried to stop just because we are poor or have depression or Anxiety our way of life is very poor they will give it to PTSD for Depression and Anxiety and Insomnia but not for my server cases that causes me to have a poor quality of life? what GIVES? Why Am i Singled out? #CannabishelpsDementia I choose a none side effect and healthier way of medicating then pills and side effects and pills that hospitalize me as a unsafe danger to my self or others known as Prozac #TimetofullyLegealize Also you take away gun rights of people that are not unsafe with them just because they choose a safer method to medicate #Removesceduleone

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