APPLE STORE DUMPSTER DIVING!! FOUND TEN iPHONES!! Our Local Apple Store Have Moved Location!! Behind The Store We Found A Dumpster Full Of …


  1. Fired up! They throw their phones because of how ugly it is and how broken it is.. but to be honest
    Those are the phones of the careless people.

    They just bought phone and when they think its ugly, they'll change it and buy a new one.. whatta RAK😑 (stands for Rich Axx Kids)

    But other people would just go to their phones branch and fix it instead of changing it.😊

    It says "don't change for someone else." And for Relationships. "Don't throw away people like it was some kind of trash or a object, you might regret why throw them away, because when someone got them, owned them, and cherished them, you'll see why you will regret it in the end."

    Lesson learn:
    -"Care for your things, because when people see your things it reflects your personality. Just how handwritings were, they reflect your personality."
    -"Don't be careless."

  2. Wow… Wow is my only word to describe you two and your channel. You guys have the lowest IQ ever

  3. Looks like he collected his house and neighbours houseses all Apple trash to make this video
    And the next thing
    Gaand mara sale
    Hamara time aur data kharab karne ke liye

  4. i am indian poor boy i used this time no good phone you plZ …help me Gift me a normal phone plZ….

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  6. I'm in pls I want an a good noncracked phone or any you can get me😳😟😰😢😢😢😢😢

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