Antimatter Propulsion – Ryan Weed, CEO of Positron Dynamics

Positron Dynamics is out to make space travel to distant stars a reality using antimatter. Antimatter is the most energy-dense material known. Positrons are the …


  1. Antimatter makes also the best ground materials for bombs that would wipe out entire planets no time. The mass of a large coin in antimatter released to matter at ground would do an inferno all over the world.

    But luckily we currently couldn't produce such a thing as big as a coin with antimatter, it would need far, far too much energy.

    But imagine a planet-to-planet or ship-to-planet torpedo, propelled to relativistic speed with antimatter and an antimatter warhead.

    To all the sci-fi authors out there: you are welcome

  2. Here is another creature that want to make a difference.. But he is just stalling… Mass cancelation, Electromagnetic is the only way.
    how those he think planets work.. This Semmes the creator of atomic bomb.. ( destruction and problems to all of us)

  3. Still there will b issue of intertia if u wana send people. The speed will kill anything in that space craft.

  4. Gravity drives are like super elevators, right? It points the direction for the floor and the gravity well under bends space and light or something like that I thought.

  5. You are one of those guys that waists TAX payers money. ANTIMATTER?? by the time your Grand Grand Grand kids are born we won't have the ANTIMATTER, even if you make it you can not contain it. MR. WEED go read about FOURTH STATE of MATTER (GANS). There is one country on this EARTH that has built SPACESHIP by using GANS. you are just a bull-shiter.

  6. From the fundamental law of Physics, we know the energy to generate electron-positron pair far exceeded the amount of energy produced by it. So where is the logic here? Sorry if I am wrong.

  7. The US Air Force already has faster than light vehicles backward engineered from alien craft. Just use these to go beyond our solar system. Mars is already colonized by the military and they use these faster than light vehicle's to transport supplies to the Mars colonies.

  8. "Talks about how rockets are outdated, then talks about his rocket company." It's all very interesting, but "pushing" objects through space will never be a good idea for space travel. What happens when you get up to speed then detect an asteroid in your path? We need something that's warping space/time/gravity around the craft. Problem solved. Imo, research into gravitational fields is the future of space travel, not a new rocket fuel.

  9. How do you contain Anti-matter in vessel made of matter? Magnetism won't work because it would work against either matter or antimatter.

  10. almost 5 years have already passed, a half decade and nothing new happened, no breakthrough in technology, 0. Only philosophy and giant sucking money machine. Are majority of people really that stupid that they do not see the issue here? There was no technological (energetic) breakthrough since the 20th century AD… Almost each century have had their brilliant minds; Anaximander, Archimedes, Gallileo Galilei, Kepler, Newton, Faraday, Ampere, Watt, Maxwell, Rutherford, Bohr, Tesla, Einstein, Schroedinger… and THE END nobody else!

  11. Unfortunately, Proxima Centauri B is not a habitable planet, because there are nine known habitable zones that must overlap for a planet to be habitable. One of which, is the UV-light habitable zone. Too little UV light, and biological processes lack the energy to be able to continue. Too much UV light, and too many deleterious mutations occur in the DNA of plants and animals to enable long term survival. Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star, which means the UV light habitable zone is closer than the liquid water habitable zone. Proxima Centauri b is too far from its host star to receive a substantial enough amount of UV light to permit the existence of any thing living…
    Here's a link regarding the UV light habitable zone:

  12. DON'T be surprised if these guys get close to achieving their goals with this technology, then it gets suddenly removed by the US government. Department of defence / US government will confiscate all material related to the project including the patents. This will be done using The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951.  There are literally thousands of patents held by the US GOV that will not see the light of day unless the GOV choose to use the technology themselves.  HOPES & DREAMS CRUSHED BY THE ELITE. Make back up copies of all your work & vault that shit far away!

  13. Sorry but I call this bullshit.. much smarter to work on nuclear and photonic propulsion. Concerning anti matter you must do decades of elementar research before you get nearly close to any practical use for rockets.

  14. You lick your lips and smack your mouth so much like you eating air molecules for filling up your mouth.
    Go back to basic public speaking classes and STOP CHEWING AND SMACKING!

  15. This is all good information but mother earth probably won't exist much longer. Some whacko clown will likely lob a bunch of nukes causing a total nuclear war.

  16. I appreciate your efforts though if our government already has cross engineered space crafts wouldn’t the money be better spent to get the government to open up what we as AMERICAN tax payers has already funded.

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