1. This pen is awesome thanks for the help hans but how do you refill the epen with gelato cbd oil or do you have to buy a new one 😭

  2. I believe you are incorrect about whether CBD will show up in a drug test. My understand is that it depends on what kind of drug test you are required to take, urine test, hair follicle or mouth swab. I am on random drug testing as part of my employment, hair follicle and mouth swab. The drug tech told me that even small traces of THC "WILL" show up on a hair follicle test. He may be wrong, but it is not worth me losing my job to find out.
    You should search before you tell your audience that it will not show up in a drug test, or you should be more specific in what kind of drug test.



  3. Does it help with depression and the feeling of not being able to do anything? My depression makes me just want to lay around all day and I physically can’t get myself to do everyday tasks. I really need help for this it ruins my life.

  4. Excellent video, girl I’m about that CBD life over meds for anxiety. In all seriousness it really helps, there’s more and more research being published about our ECS system + cannabis + cbd. Peace ✨💃🏻🌿

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  6. Is there an age requirement to order? I’m 19 so I’m not to worried but just wanna be sure before I order lol

  7. i don’t like how the intro says it’s geared towards people who might not like their meds. you should promote it as an addition not an alternative. it’s not safe to market this as a way to not take mental health medication

  8. Thank you for this video! I do have CBD edibles but I really want to try a pen/vapor. I have terrible migraines and period pains and I’ve been looking for alternatives from pain killers.

  9. i take 2 types of antidepressants & i was wondering if i consumed the cbd in anyway, would it affect me in anyway? or have any bad interaction with the meds i’m taking?? i’m scared to try cbd because of this ):

  10. Does the vape pen have any nicotine in it? Cause I’m looking for a new pen/ vape w/o nicotine. I’m trying to get off that addiction 😂

  11. CBD oil doesnt make you feel high its mostly for inflammation and pain. My sis gave it to her boxer for his cancer and it seemes to help him.

  12. I just started using CBD gummies about a week ago and it is incredible. I’ve tried several different anti anxiety and anti depressants, and nothing compares to this. It calms my body and mind without me feeling super drowsy or high. I’ve always had that issue in the past with these other medicines.

  13. Definitely check out your work’s CBD policy, because some brands CAN actually show up on a drug test. My friend was promoting some oil and several others asked if it showed up and she said no. But people were still skeptical so she went out and bought two different kinds of otc urine drug tests and it showed up positive for thc 😬

  14. Have you ever tried CBD in a concentrated tincture? I recently got some and I was wondering how it would compare to the kind you smoke.

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