1. Judge, you could have been a good example. but, acted a like a child. You did not respect that officer. Stand up and apologize for your indignation. We all make big mistakes, best to own them than to deny them with seeming compliance.

  2. "Equal justice for all"?? What kind of bullshit is that? The poor get no justice, while the rich escape it. That's the reality of the USA.

  3. What’s the problem? He was stopped for nothing. And was let go directly. What’s the fuzz about? Silly. Only in America.

  4. He is a judge so he is above the law. Only us little people have to follow the rules. He should be kicked off the bench.

  5. Did not the officer pull into a left turn only lane? And then gets pulled over for what infraction?

  6. He really didn’t. He just said check the registration. He didn’t acknowledge his judgeship.

  7. I made two Huntington beach detectives angry at me I complained and I got a death threat the next day. Be careful these guys know how to make people disappear.

  8. Ok so lets assume that the cop writes him a ticket, he does his job, it goes to crt, what judge does it go in front of another judge maybe, but until you have done this job, it has nothing to do with favoritism, its the fact that this would have went no where and the officer probably knew that, you people that leave comments have no idea what kind of judge he is, besides the it is the officers choice to cite on infractions, and yes the judge did use his influence by saying check the plate, that was wrong but until you have walked in the officers shoes don't assume anything.

  9. This is total bullshit by both parties that just goes to show you how corrupt our system is and it’s everywhere and it’s never going to change pathetic

  10. I don't see the problem, the powerful and elite deserve to be treated like this, just like the rich and the poor, if your're poor the bank will CHARGE you money for being poor, if your're rich the bank will give you more money from interest, makes perfect sense, take money from those that don't have it and desperately need it and give it to the rich who have more money than they have use for. seems legit

  11. reinaker .. you should preside over the case that we the people want to pursue against officer donut. throw the book at him for giving favorable treatment to a law breaker!!!!

  12. lawyer / judge double speak.. apology/explanation as a platform to lie lie lie. he was confused? also having memory loss? maybe not fit to sit?

  13. Just wondering who are the 1029 people that didn't like to see how it works? Funny I feel sorry for the cop. Just exactly what was the cop going to do, the judge would ruin him if it happened any other way. sad but true

  14. I also noticed that I get nasty looks and or people cut me off or drive precariously just because they have a new fancy car of some sort. I guess my 10 year old car cant go the speed limit fast enough.

  15. The officer broke his oat by not giving the judge a ticket and the judge is a tyrant. Getting out of his car like that was a threat.

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