Andrew Yang on MMA Labor Practices, UBI, Marijuana Legalization and More | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

Andrew Yang is a Democratic candidate for President of the United States, mixed martial arts (MMA) fan and believer in universal basic income (UBI).


  1. The no-name candidate that no one saw coming , but the leader that will transform everything,🔥Andrew 🐐🐐🐐 Yang🔥.

  2. Yang needs more press. As a populist, much like Trump, an outsider with a bold stance on the issues. Its not a matter of left vs right,con vs lib,its about saving the Country and Democracy or Republic,however, you want to describe the corrupting elements.

  3. Somewhere out there dana white is sweating bullets. I think if the president was supportive of a fighter union… Well… That would be a little nudge…

  4. My first time here. Good talk, and I will be back to hear more. Now Mr Yang is favorite candidate for President. Not because of UBI, but for his approach to solve some of the problems we have in America. I was a small engine mechanic and my job was replace by stores selling equipment for the same price as a repair. This was ten years ago, and I had to change. I wish I had a $1000 a month then.

  5. PLEASE donate to this man and get him on the debate stage. He's halfway there and I really feel this is an important discussion

  6. UBI whilst gutting the welfare state – yeah, no thanks. If you're a Progressive, then you vote for Bernie in 2020. Simple.

  7. I'm not an MMA fan at all, but this was an outstanding interview, one of the most far reaching topic wise that I've seen. Good job, Luke!

  8. Around 1:30 Yang says "MMA is harder on your body in terms of your health and risks you take"
    Thats false. Boxing has multiple deaths, Football has endless concussions, fake wrestling has taken many peoples lives. MMA, 0 deaths that I know of in the professional light. It's actually one of the safest sports you can participate in. At least in terms of combat sports. I know many guys who are fucked up due to Boxing as a kid.

  9. Makes sense.. would you pay $15/hr to have someone wash your cloths by hand or spend a few bucks and use a washing machine? In ten years people will ask the same question of truck drivers, retail workers etc.

  10. Against 2nd Amendment so I guess its Trump 2020 where are the Republicans that will give us our Gun Rights Back!

  11. UBI is bread for the masses. Nothing will signal the end of the republic better. Wages are stagnant, because, in part, of the HUGE influx of cheap labor force. This is why both the D and the R ping pong on who is "going to fight illegal aliens" from decade to decade. In truth, the banksters want this invasion to increase housing costs and keep the wage level low. Luke is a socialist, possibly even sliding towards Marx, nothing could be more catastrophic to the nation than the MOB RULE that would go with destroying the electoral college.

  12. This interview was honestly amazing. This is something Ariel would never be able to do do articulately and with such skill. Great questions. Great context. We'll done. Voting Bernie unless Yang wins the primaries. Or Tusli. Lot of great options this election.

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