AMSTERDAM WEED SCENE 🇳🇱Top 10 Questions Answered! (Coffeeshops, Truffles & Drug Laws)

How much is a joint? Are all Drugs Legal? And much more is covered in this video. I searched google for some things, and got some things from the guy who ran …


  1. My state (Michigan, USA) recently legalized (decriminalized) recreational marijuana just 2 years ago! 🙂 after this i dont know if its worth it to travel all the way to Amsterdam purely for weed? Theres surely some nice sights and its not just about the weed laws but its expensive, almost 2x times the price for a gram of weed as in my state but here u can get the same quality or even better for half the price a gram

  2. Some tips for y'all foreigners.
    Don't buy Cali weed.. It's overpriced, but we got some high quality weed as well..
    I'd recommend you not go to the most famous shops, if you are going to Amsterdam. Go just outside the city, you'll find some coffee shops with reasonable prices..
    Low shelf is not 9 euros, should be 2 or 3 max, they don't sell that at "Good Coffeeshops', it's something you get from your plug to make ice hash with.. Normal good quality weed should be 6 to 12 euros a gram MAX.
    Go to a different province, there's so much more to see and plenty coffeeshops around the country ;).

  3. If you have time, go to the less touristy areas or the smaller towns in the Netherlands, because it's out of the expensive tourist centre of the Dam. They also charge more for alcohol than in the UK. A 1 litre bottle of Gordon's was the equivalent of £35 in the touristy parts.

  4. Dont buy in amsterdam beter go out the city weed beter and price is beter . Greating from the netherland

  5. Need this in Britain, who wants weed from a sketchy dealer, when you can go to a nice coffee shop, quality controlled and checked by government officials, pretty cool

  6. Are there cops in Amsterdam?
    Sure, there are plenty.
    On bikes, on horses, cars and just walking around.

    However, if you are playing by the rules they are only there to help you. In the last 20 years I had two occasions where they appeared out of nowhere where I might have been in some danger and hadn't quite realized it. I am really grateful for their intervention.

    Once again, these were very isolated incidents. The danger I faced was at most being pickpocketed or perhaps having some cash snatched from me.
    Certainly nothing of a violent nature.
    Amsterdam is a very safe city.

  7. Is it ok to ask for XTC in a smartshop or do they kick you out? I do know that its illegal, i just read a comment under another video in which some guy said that he just asked the dealer if they have more to offer than truffels.

  8. If I'm 17, is there any way to get weed in amsterdam? I'm on vacation and really needing a smoke. Any help would be appreciated

  9. Weed should be legal and peipme need to stfu more cigarettes tobacco ..put a limit on alcohol..and we need to take down big pharma by legalizing weed and encouraging people to join in the movement

  10. Smoking in public is illigal but there is littarly no cop who gives you fine for smoking weed in public.

  11. I got an Amsterdam trip planned, I can’t wait to smoke & be lit my whole vacation! Thanks for the tips! 🔥🔥🔥

  12. I will go the 2nd time in September…I love AMSTERDAM i love this kind of style of living!!!!♥️

  13. This is not the dutch culture. Now everybody is thinking weed is the dutch culture and its okay to smoke next to grandma's and grandfathers. It's not a culture it is a thing only tourist do.

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