Americans Smoke More Green Less Tobacco | Man Hospitalized From Fake Vape Cart | MERRY JANE NEWS

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  1. snoop is one of my favourites I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute you'd be surprised!

  2. Say snoop u think u can find a way to keep these fake vape pins off the shelf's the main company need it to were u cant twist open the cartridge and it needs to be resurtified because these folks jus want a dollar and I jus wanna get high u need to find a way to make ur cartridge unique so we'd know its real like in a new surtified way that they can't copy

  3. The only reason why tobacco uses more it's because we can't smoke weed on our breaks. At work but we can smoke a cigarette… To be honest it gives you the same high but one's worser than the other.

  4. I used to be the biggest stoner until I got derealization, I started going insane whenever I would get high and it happened to me a total of 5 times which led me to stop smoking🤕 it’s the scariest shit ever

  5. of course legal weed increases tabbaco usage! easier weed means people who smoke cigarettes wanna smoke more cuz smokin a cigarette while stoned when u have a nicotiene addiction feels nice

  6. I tried a dank vape, it was ass it burned fast. Low high, got headache after a while. Now I go to the club and get abx for 35 bucks. Nothing as good a select but it is way tastyer than street shit

  7. This woman looks like Tulsi Gabbard, now I know what she would look like if she hit a fattie with Joe on his podcast.

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