1. It Helping My Diebt And The Little Problem I Had Did What I Need To Do On The Down Low And People Talking About Playing With Myself Yes Soon Sweetcakes You Will To The World About Tyson Stallings III

  2. And The Shock Market For Cannabis And It Help Some People In The World And When I Smoking Weed I Post Information To The World And I Have Money In It And Trying To Put More Into The Cannabis And They Know I Like To Have The Best In The World

  3. You know it's good when the vultures telling you about it have to read off a teleprompter and have no actual personal understanding about what they are talking about.

  4. Legalize it already its criminal to withhold medicine from patients that can benefit from the medicine. Fuck opiates use cannabis !

  5. I am A Medical Cannabis user and go to dispensary 1 a week for my lung cancer. My experience with Cannabis has been nothing but positive. I can tell you as I experienced I can now sleep, eat, no pain and I'm taking Iressa, the pharmaceutical drug and the Cannabis oil with my complete vegetarian diet, my tumor is shrinking. Not only does the Cannabis help the pain and the nausea but as Rick Simpson said IT CURES CANCER!!!!

  6. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against the federal government for denying the American people the pros of cannabis legislation. Every individual affected should be graciously compensated. Period.

  7. So guys this is an informercial, The goal is to get you ro sign up for a site (which I did) and soon as you think you are in it you trying to be upsold constantly to pay thousands of dollars on insider information. Nothing that matters on the site is available to you unless you become a lifetime member and pay thousands. So dont waste your time. These ppl will make a fortune off of us signing up ….not cannibas

  8. Absolute bullshit. These cunts don’t care about the medicinal uses of cannabis, they’ve just realised how much money they can make.

  9. REd white and blue! I feel like I should be standing and saluting this fine American endeavor.
    Assholes…..mindless, money grubbing, immoral, unhealthy, thinking with their "little head" jerkoffs.
    Did I leave any derogatory adjectives out? Oh yea, if I run across any of that crap plant near me im gonna throw it in the trash or flush it where it belongs. Worthless crap. People would eat shit if it would get them high.

  10. At Least they're finally coming around!! If They had listened to us "Hippies" back in the '70s, our country would Not have such a Huge deficit today? They found a way to Tax it and make Billions, so Now it's Time! Scripted or not, they are Educating themselves and the country of its Benefits, as well!! Way to go U.S.A.!!

  11. Infomercial for a financial newsletter that wants you to invest in stocks. I have never trusted the stock market.

  12. What does Pharmacia mean?
    n. late 14c., "a medicine," from Old French farmacie "a purgative" (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia "use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure," from pharmakeus (fem.

  13. if cannabis and bitcoin dont raise exponentially as they become a mainstay in society, you can shoot me.
    you bet it's going to be a great investment for those taking the risk right now!

  14. mothers and fathers had children ripped out of their arms screaming for their parents, taken away because their parents used marijuana. This type of tragedy can be forever prevented by changing history today

  15. Regardless of the positive claims about Cannabis – this is quite a tacky matter for our former Speaker of the House, to get his hands dirty with this controversial issue – and all to just make a buck. I don't trust his moralizing on this issue. Quite a disgrace in my opinion…How the mighty have fallen.

  16. Hemp should be grown on every square inch of land that surrounds nuclear power plants ts all over the world because of it's ability to absorb toxins.

  17. Because Bohner and the GOP kept cannabis a Schedule I drug, there are thousands of Americans still in prison. He is a fucking money-grubbing hypocrite ….

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