Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Powerful Stand for Weed Research | NowThis

‘We have a catch-22 and we have to get rid of it.’ — A Republican congressman inadvertently helped Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) prove her point …


  1. This lady's very intelligent and you can tell she has researched this subject thoroughly!! I'm a republican but I highly respect this bright, young woman!

  2. some American farmers are already in the process of switching to hemp crops and will be rolling in the money because there is worldwide demand for hemp in almost every industry from clothing to food and building products
    it’s a low maintenance crop that monsanto can not ruin…for now

  3. It’s as if the the old dinosaurs of the congress and senate aren’t doing anything but blocking legislation and saying no to everything

  4. Since my son has been on cannabis drops he has not had one seizure, not one in almost a year. If you don't support this you not ignorant you are a monster. Watch you child go through a seizure and you will know what true helpless fear is all about.

  5. All humans are free to explore healing elements in nature….
    This is what mother earth has blessed……
    None shall have any authority to suppress their fellow humans
    From using what nature has bestowed….

  6. My gawd the alt right is not ready for her. I understand the GOPhers need that pharmaceutical lobbying money do bad. But we don't need their opioids. Government lobbied drug dealers are the worst. See John Bone-ner's limp flip-flops.

  7. Nyc Democrats decriminalized marijuana but refuse to legalize it. Liberals continue to be all talk. Thank you AOC for being the same trash with a different face

  8. All these companies that wanted to band weed wanna try to ride the wave cause they know there's billions in it – hypocritical America 😂😂

  9. -Aaaaaa… I think we should do more research before we do more research…aaaaaaa….think of the children….aaaaa….
    -Dude, are you stupid? Or having a stroke?

  10. Jamaica has already done all that research since the 80's. Many found cures have been banned from the US.

  11. Someone….need to step up to the plate and try…I said try to changes things in general that makes a difference. A real difference that matters to people that know there should be Research on the matter.

  12. So it’s ok to promote things like cigarettes and alcohol….which leads to around 400,000 deaths a year but weed…which has contributed to no deaths is the issue?

    Whoever hasn’t seen it on Netflix, “Weed the people” is the best documentary to shut anyone up

  13. The only problem in this agenda going forward in a positive manner is `Big Pharma´ and the paid for lobby that have and continue to financially corrupt the politically elected members who get to vote on this issue.

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