Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Us Black People Should Profit From Marijuana Legalization

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Us Black People Should Profit From Marijuana Legalization Donate HERE: …


  1. Where is your heart my brother? Nobody likes being in prison, specially Canabites. The law of God is to love each other, why you want to keep people in cages who have done no harm to anybody? Cannabis is outlawed by a corrupted system, there is proof and God knows it.

  2. This young man needs a history lesson on why Marijuana was illegal because he has no idea why black and brown people were targeted/ incarcerated at a higher rate than white american. Another lost young brotha with a camera.

  3. Flawed logic. Laws change and are amended due to the morality of the current society. For instance, blacks were slaves in America & the bible basically told slaves to obey their masters. While slavery has thankfully ended in the US, the bible hasn't been amended in regards to slavery. And since blacks are one of the only "minorities" in the US who haven't been compensated for our suffering, it'd make sense if we were given "kickbacks" like the Native Americans & Asians were given for their mistreatment here.
    More importantly, God created marijuana as a naturally growing plant, it's not artificially created and/or enhanced like alcohol and/or other "drugs" (including caffeine & sugar). People can get high off of many things, yet they aren't illegal (nutmeg for instance). Even while in the military our water consumption was monitored, because ppl were getting high off of water (believe it or not). Ppl need to do their research & find out exactly why marijuana's illegal, yet pharmaceutical companies can mass produce drugs that are far worse. It's all about money & regulation, which is difficult, if not impossible to manage w/ a plant that essentially anyone can grow (whereas it takes a chemist to create these pharmaceuticals, which are overpriced in order to garner mass profits & to bribe politicians to keep them "legal"–despite evidence showing they're far worse than naturally occurring substances ).

  4. Cannibis oil is used for people who suffer from seizures kaneh bosom I think a scholar translate as cannibis might have been used by the early church in oil form. I think we should not use it to get high but in oil form so growing it to produce oil has health benefits. Exodus 30 22-23 recipe for oil.

  5. Dont listen to Cortez she is just pandering to you. Even though marijuana is bad for recreational use but hemp can be made without addictive they use hemp as medicine. I think you can find cannabis in the bible though.

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