1. Legalize Alabama the whole plant it's a natural plant God gave us it helps so many things. Instead you choose to lock people up over a joint and a plant and waste taxpayers money & the officers time when they could be taken care of real criminals. You're losing your taxpayers here and Alabama and residents of Alabama that were born here in people that have moved here. That have lived here for a long time. They are leaving to go to other states to be able to get access to the whole plant cannabis. I had a friend this year that had to leave to be able to get access to the whole plant called cannabis it is a medicine it helps cancer and so many things. Stop locking everybody up and worry about the hardened criminals this is a plant that grows in the garden like a tomato legalized Alabama so people won't have to leave your state. It would also help tax revenue and help people in the homeless and many others they could do a lot for this state recreational and medical. People are dying I know of many here in Alabama that have died due to not being able to get access to Natural cannabis . plant

  2. They found a ounce in my car and my dum self had the kids in the car but th3y took my kids away over weed and now there in some random foster home… Its a horrible feeling. I wish change would come there no s3nse in this. My kids ar3 well tooken care of and i make sure of that. I know i made a mistake but snatching someones children is horrible!

  3. I see so much hate in the comment this section please everyone be civil about this at least this man has the common decency the help people out of these situations he's an attorney not a doctor or government or state official.

  4. african americans get in more trouble for marijuana than Caucasians in alabama what are you doing about that noone has ever died from marijuana but your treating it like it the plague cmon i don't care if it's legalised but the punishment does not fit the crime

  5. Alabama is probably a long way from legalizing recreational marijuana. As I explain in another video , even the use of medical marijuana in this state is extremely limited. Alabama is also one of the first states to have made the possession of Kratom illegal. Kratom is a plant that is legal in many places and frequently used as an herbal remedy and alternative to prescription painkillers.

  6. it should be legal, please make it legal it just helps people's lives and it makes you a better person. it's so wrong how innocent people get punished for something less powerful than alcohol, maybe people don't like to get shit faced drunk, maybe people like to be able to control their self. it's so wrong how the government treats innocent people

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