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  1. Support Decriminalization, not Legalization. Its $400 a year to renewal your card in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and im pretty sure New York. The medicine is not flushed clean containing pesticides and fertilizers AND ive actually recieved "medical marijuana" in medical containers with ANTS (like actual bugs in them) and the doctor warned of this initally and i thought it was something too rare to worry about until it happened my second time buying ever. Ive seen it first hand in Michigan dispensaries. For a free medical vegetable that grows from the ground, all this legalization business is pure criminal injustice keeping the rich rich and the poor, poor. Ill never renewal my card or support the 'legal' or private club black market free mason scheme. Id rather leave the country, forget weed and get out of this hell hole. I hear there's still sane people in other parts of the world…

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