A-List CBD Grand Opening and Special Guests

What’s up Youtubes? This is not a gear or knife video. This is to spread awareness for the Grand Opening of my family’s shop A-List CBD. On August 10, 2019, …


  1. I'd love to stop by and to visit and check out your shop, but you're a bit far from Arizona. If I'm ever on your side of the world, I'll be sure to stop by and support your shop! Thanks again for all the vids!

  2. I’d totally stop by, but the whole “thousands of miles away” thing is a thing. I’ll be there in spirit though brother!

  3. I stay dabbing here in Cali. So does everyone I know and their mother and their brother — there is no old school stigma here. I wish you guys had some cbd / thc you guys could sell. It’s recreational out here!! And knife laws are getting way better — no knife length limit on a folder or on a fixed blade and you can carry anything with a flipper tab or a spring, and just no autos over 2inches length and the rest is all good! If we want to carry an espada XL (don’t know why they made a ca legal because they’re all legal carry unless you’re in fed building or a government building). But if you carry anything and use it for anything aside from self defense only, people look at you like you just used a self defense weapon as a tool and you must be Rambo or a straight criminal lol! I bet NY is worse! SF is ok with knives — Drop is based in our beloved SF (35 minutes away from me in Wine country). Stay “Up” and please stay lifted my friends! 👌🏼❤️

  4. Good luck in your new venture my friend….but just a warning, CBD might fix those fishpaws and turn them into real hands, lol.

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