1. We are all trying to position ourselves into the new Zimbabwe. This video l don't see it's value at all just showing people roads. I didn't get the objective at all, if it's lack of activity, loss of business or what. You could have added your comparisons to what we can check on other files as how Harare was depending on your objective, just my two cents. Want to see you doing well in the new Zimbabwe.

  2. What’s your problem., I was watching and felt really sad because of how dusty it’s gone with pot holes, sign posts have fallen off and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of maintenance. Why turn a blind eye to the obvious and what is the job of the City of Harare? There is no order and vendors setting up anywhere they feel like. Julie was joking so why so sensitive ? Do you like the current state of our city? Open your eyes people. This is the very reason why things have taken a dive. Get to grips with reality. Stop pretending…….the city is an embarrassment compared to some African cities that were never at par with ours. And before some of you start having a go at me, sit back and search your conscience. That’s why tichitarisirwa pasi in other countries.
    Kushaya kana one at the top with genuine love for the country. We should be trying kusimudzira nyika yedu instead of attacking anyone who sees things for what they are. The city needs maintenance and standards.

  3. Honestly I don't miss Zim at all, I wept when I went to Zim in 2017 and it makes me very sad when I watch videos like these, this is not the state I left Zim more than 20 years ago, it is just unbelievable. To be honest I'm still in denial, this cannot be Harare first street.

  4. You were just short tempered Doc…Juliet was not mini ….but she was just saying it doesn't look like in City centre but it looks duly as if you were in high density ..

  5. Those pavements are actually dangerous to walk on. I wonder how many people trip, fall and break a bone every day.

  6. Juliet hapana chawakanganisa and no need for sorry apo it's just a wrong interpretation chete you correct my sister

  7. Thank you dear for keeping us in leeps and bounds about wat is happening back home.
    This is not the 1st street I used to know

  8. Please can you come back doc in the afternoon. Don't allow some spirit over come you. You are very helpful mwanangu.

  9. Doc that was not offensive from Juliet. The condition of the First Street looks like ku rukesheni Docshow us how dilapidated the town has become.

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