7.11.19 RMU| SA Marilyn Mosby: Legalize pot on federal level; Airline makes Black woman cover up

7.11.19 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Baltimore SA Marilyn Mosby is calling for the decriminalization of marijuana on a federal level; Airline forced a Black woman …


  1. never trust anyone in a fucking bow tie, feckless ass kissing sycophantic to power they all are, esp this guy in the middle, what a joke….

  2. I would like to for Dr. Carr to host more shows in the future from time to time. This was a good, knowledgeable panel today. Roland Martin Unfiltered is my show!

  3. TEAM Nancy Pelosi! These 4 Democratic 4 freshmen are too THIN skin. HALF of their time is spent on social media REPLYING to critics . Nancy is RIGHT , social media is your house BUT this house is ESTABLISHMENT, independent and progressive house.. WORD ON THE STREET, these 4 women do not caucus with blue dog Democrats . These 4 woman don’t think BEYOND Bernie Sanders talking points. Nancy to try to please everybody not just progressives

  4. The fact that there is all the voices coming against the Church further proves that Christ is coming soon because the bible tells us that in the last days the believers will be ridiculed! Thank God I'm saved!

  5. It really annoys me to hear our people say it's "fear" obviously they are NOT AFRAID or they'd mind their business. They are entitled, arrogant and ignorant and totally aware of it all and JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

  6. While Roland's there as a panel member shake it up got a lot of people who I'm trying to get to watch and support.. I would love to be a panel member from Albany ga

  7. You know white folk are not going to allow people of color to benefit or receive economic restitution from the war on drugs.

  8. 27:24 Pelosi was basically dismissing them and telling them to "shut up and dribble." 50:38 White people are fearful of a come-to-Jesus moment for their historical racist, monstrous, and violent actions, and privileged life at the cost of Black and Brown lives and livelihood! Until they do right by us, nothing they do will prosper. They may entertain prosperity for a season, but they are going to be their own undoing.

  9. As an ex offender and ex street guy who was always more Al Pacino in Heat when it come to law enforcement. I love Marilyn Mosby! Girl your husband is a lucy man. And you so dam beautiful. And thats an understatement. Marilyn i got a 501 (c) (3) program statement that will cut Baltimore City murder rate IN Half. How can my 501 c3 become a violence prevention liason on this issue?

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