1. Thank you for sharing this information. I do need help with sleep 😴!! I love ❤️ dark chocolate. What chocolate 🍫 do you recommend ?

  2. Naomi,
    Will a dropper full of cdd oil break a fast? My bottle has no calorie count on it. I've understood it to be anything under 15 calories will not but I'm curious what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance ♥️

  3. It’s amazing just how important a good nights sleep is ! And just how easy the natural circadian rhythm of sleep can be disrupted.. Really awesome 5 great points ! The CBD is actually really interesting but I’m not sure of the regulations of CBD in Japan. Awesome post ! Thank you !

  4. 1: dark chocolate
    2: good fats (omega 3)
    3: activities you love, movement you enjoy
    4: organic food (avoid pesticides and plastics)
    5: CBD supplements

  5. Thanks for watching! This is the second video on the subject of CBD and cannabinoids/endocannabinoids and you can expect many more soon! Be sure to go back and watch my CBD Myths Debunked video from last week if you haven’t already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsWV7P_7GbY&t=120s
    I am also excited to introduce my own Organic Whole Hemp Powder https://cbd.ominutrition.com/product/omi-renew-cbd-whole-hemp-powder-300mg/. Feel free to ask any questions. To your health!

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