5 Challenges You'll Face Starting a CBD Business

CBD Merchant Processing 5 Challenges You’ll Face Starting a CBD Business 1. Payment Processing 2. Advertising 3. Ranking in Google 4 …


  1. Man I thought Patches O'hulahan was crazy for drinking his own urine but George drinking Turpentine is way worse!!!
    Have you felt like CBD helps with inflation? My knees need something to help with inflammation.

  2. Great video as usual man, any suggestion for a companies i could be an affiliate for CBD? Seems like a great place to be an affiliate for now. competition will be low.

  3. Also, for the Texas raid, here's my view of how it likely went down. Someone was probably arrested and found with CBD in addition to other things. They then likely tested the CBD for illegal THC to see if that could be an additional charge. When questioning, the police likely found out where it was purchased and sent an undercover officer to buy some there. After confirming the CBD being sold there was illegal, they probably got a warrant with that evidence and then raided to capture evidence before it could be destroyed.

    I really doubt they got a warrant to raid based only on a hunch, not yet knowing it was illegal.

  4. Thanks for sharing the knowledge you have. Your mentioning a "moat" as a possible barrier to entry for many, was a bonus thought for me.

  5. I suggest incentivising crypto currency. Give a Coinbase referral link as well as information walking through exchanging through Coinbase, and offer credit for their first purchase.

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