1. What about CBD for skincare -the oils. I’m seeing and reading a lot about using CBD oils for the face. Also, I have mild psoriasis
    and have read that CBD can help with that. Thanks for bringing some light on this subject.

  2. Besides CBD, what other herbs and nutrition interact positively with these receptors? I seem too run into people who swear by CBD seem to be "hot messes"….more to what your talking about with quality. You are a very balanced person, very rare in in this market.

  3. CBD needs to be consumed with THC in order to have the best effect. Charlotte's web was made to stop epileptic seizures for a young girl and yes it did give her a slight "high" but it was essential for her treatment. If you live in a state where it's legal, you should use the CBD from cannabis and paired with THC.

  4. Naomi you look gorgious in this video. So just go on and have some more videos like this on Youtube. I am from Belgium but I live in Thailand now for 16 years. I am 63 years young just in case you want to know. So I am enviting you to Thailand I will give you a ride from the Airport straight to where you want to go. See you there.

  5. When i take CBD oil from nuleaf natural and when i took it, it make me super tired and even sleep is not restful i wake up so tired and exhausted. I dont know if i should stop or go and try more of them. Please give us name of some quality CBD oils

  6. thank you for the information, I recently bought Provcan oral drops full spectrum 600mg for pain relief it has been really good, do your research before you buy, read feedback x Jenny

  7. What’s are the benefits of CBD
    30 milligrams power like you are taking or capsules and what brand you recommend and is good to take before bedtime
    and is good for what ?
    Thanks 🙏 A n w a r

  8. Every videos of you has something interesting to mention. Thank you for passing us your knowledge.

  9. I am interested for a variety of different reasons: I have late stage Lyme disease, cognitive dysfunction, ADD, I exercise often (weights). I need something that helps me focus and exercise recovery.

  10. Hello! I really recomend taking CBD for many symptoms but in my own experience with my mom,,,she has fybromyalgia and arthritis and she started taking cbd this year and she has exprienced gradual improvement and relief, as skeptical many of us are,,,she overcome that tabu and now she admits it´s benefits and recomends it. From Costa Rica with love.

  11. I'm interested in learning more about CBD, such as: Is it only for those with conditions and diagnoses, or are there any benefits for the average healthy person? Looking forward to seeing more on this topic!

  12. Thanks for watching guys! I hope this video is informative and answers some of your questions about CBD as well as dispelling some of the myths surrounding CBD. Be sure to visit my website at http://www.naomiwhittel.com to check out my own organic CBD product, coming very soon! – Naomi xox

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