5 BENEFITS OF CBD! │ Headaches, Insomnia, Nerve Pain, Cramps, + More!

Hi Loves! CBD is a great alternative to use when you are having headaches, cramps, insomnia, anxiety and more! In this video, we talk about 5 benefits of taking …


  1. I think the stigma around cbd and marijuana in general is appalling. Clearly these people have never been in excruciating pain or had anxiety and depression, it's so easy to judge when you or a loved one isn't suffering. I'm on several opioids, a muscle relaxant and an anti depressant for nerve pain. I have tried cbd but it's not strong enough for me. They have introduced medical marijuana here in the UK so I'm hopeful I'll get to try it and it works for my pain, anxiety and depression. Then I can stop taking these pills that are, frankly, killing my body. I do have a cannabis balm and it's amazing for helping me cope with the pain. I really wish the best of luck to anyone who has success and gets relief with cbd or medical marijuana, we really need to get over it and realise it's a plant that's a lot less harmful than morphine and morphine based pain meds etc. Thanks for the video, I'll give the gummies a try because it's the oil that I've used in the past and it was OK but I still had pain that was 7/10 💕💕💕

  2. Thank u I get the same as u with the feet. I also have bad pain throughout my body. I have one concern.if I take this and I take a drug test with my job .Will the test come out positive. Other then that .I'm all for this cbd

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