420 Revelers Gather On Hippie Hill Under A Cloud Of Pot Smoke

Chopper 5 flew through a cloud of marijuana smoke over Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park, as revelers celebrated 4/20 on Saturday. Anne Makovec was in the …


  1. "Coming up, what's different this year?"
    Cuts to a completely different video, in which a man with a gun is taken down in an emergency room.

  2. This gathering used to be cool when it was small and about 75 to 100 people. Now its all commercial and lame with young ass kids not knowing how to act. I'm 46 so I guess I'm an old head. Happy 420 everyone

  3. lmao the people that went and actualy enjoyed themselves ur trashy stupid sheep, i went and the guy wouldnt shup up on stage and playing trashy high school music. worst thing i ever wastedd my time on

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