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  2. This was really good dudes 🤙🏼❤️ i live in CO and have never done any of this…until now. Good looking out! Let me know when you guys come back and well smoke 🤓

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  5. Love this! Trying to plan our honeymoon to be like this plus hiking trails and a cabin with a hot spring. Really hoping we can go when the weather doesn't freeze us to death lol

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  7. Omg thank you so much for posting this! I’m planning a Denver trip with friends this upcoming Spring and I’m definitely going to check this tour out!

  8. Gonna be moving to Colorado soon and watching this nearly made me cry. 🤣 Everything is so beautiful.

  9. Heading to Denver this labor weekend to camp and enjoy myself with my fiancee and brother. Went ahead and booked us our loopr party bus tickets thanks to your video. Thanks for the idea! And secondly what was your favorite strain you tried there? Looking for ideas on what to try

  10. My hometown. I watched, liked and subscribed. I hope you can take the time to support my channel too.

  11. Hahaha this is awesome, we accidentally ended up in SF on a 4/20 and it was one of the funnest accidents ever. Love your sunglasses btw!

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