4/20 2019: What Illegal Legalization Looks Like

POT TV – A red-eyed glimpse at Vancouver’s historic 420 protest. Scanning the news, Parks Board meetings, the event and its coverage, “What Illegal …


  1. Grow Your Cannabis Outdoors w/o a License (like it used to be/ before Prohibition c1937 (B4 the FDR Democrats Turned Into Fascists!!))SMFH!!

  2. It's illegal that 1oz of cannabis costs $ 300 in the dispensary ! wtf, who can afford this black market prices ?

  3. I dropped a seed and it got wet 🌱 what it became I'll never forget 🍁 for it's become a part of my life 💚 and if i could I'd make it my wife GANJA!!! ☝💨

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