30 Day Male Cannabis Timelapse

this video is the first 30 days of a cannabis plant, hope you guys enjoy the video! If you enjoyed it leave a like! if not, no problem, leave a dislike and let me know …


  1. You should have transplanted it into a larger container around day 14, to prevent it from getting root bound. You waited almost a month in that solo cup that's not good. It could stunt the growth of the plant also.

  2. What light source are you using ? That's the only thing that is not mentionned in the description wich let me think that the light source might be your problem for "drooping" . Then it got a boost when you transplant it, but i would predict the same "drooping" would happen in a matter of time.

    Maybe isnt the light itself the problem but the distance between plant and light. Also , i got missleaded by your title and i thought you would show us how to tell if a plant is a male in the 30 first days, sadly i didnt get that answer yet.

    good luck with your plants

  3. what was the purpose of this vid is it meant to look any different from a female in such a short time ?

  4. You've just wasted 5:11 of my time plus whatever time it took to write this message. You suck at growing, you suck at making videos. Fuck you

  5. My is on day 23 and it looks like day 12-15. It's inside growing, it have a lot of sunlight, water and have a good temprature. Hmmm

  6. You definitely hermy this plant out.
    Plant under went stress. Droopy from slight over watering. And plant needed a transplant seen day 18-20. To avoid root bond

  7. Just plant it in the big pot right away… mine is bigger then your 30 day and im only on day 16. Better quality soil would also be a great addition. I use the Palgron Growmix.

  8. I’m growing on my deck it’s week 8 and she’s still little I’m feeding with plain water any tips an I use a light outdoor with the sun and if so what type

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