1. When I ran out of 20 grams of weed, I'm left with 3.7 grams of twigs/stems… I cut them up into little pieces with a knife and i smoke it. It does the same affect weed does & it makes you more mental… or just me. I could kill someone and dream of every single detail of how I did it, anyways Smoking stems would make you get mad/crazy and if you continue to smoke it, You'll end up like me someone who doesn't want to live and only lives because of weed, my other only reason for being alive is killing as much people as i can, but i don't do it ''yet'' due to smoking weed.. if there's no weed it's killing spree time until Armed force police shoot me with a single shot in my head or torso area. (I have a lot of ego to ram the living f**k out of em peng tingz.)

  2. Must be good weed. You used the lighter to light the stem…so that you can use the stem to light the joint.

  3. I don’t see how the green dragon thing would do anything more than mess up the taste of your absinthe. The said nothing of activating the cannibinoids first so all it would do is strip whatever thc is on the stems into the alcohol and they’d be drunk down and you’d feel nothing because they weren’t heated first. So if that’s a step they didn’t mention it, but it seams like a lot of work over some stems.

  4. The steam tea method was complete bullshit in this video, didn’t even use honey or coconut oil to bind the THC. That tea won’t even get you high

  5. Or stem art…. been so high ive thought about making monuments outta stems and bong rez to keep it all together.

  6. I don't know who invented so called Green Dragon method because it is total nonsense. First of all most of people don't even know what true absinthe is and what should contain. Most of so called Absinthe drinks on the market are fake because they don't contain main psychoactive component in Absinthe called Thujone. In most cases we are talking about Anisete with high alcohol percentage and artificial colors. Also most of the people don't know that there is only one method of preparation(forget about burning and sugar bullshit). Absinthe has to be diluted with cold water over the ice cube placed on absinthe spoon. That is the only way to absorb psychoactive terpenes(Thujone) which is much stronger in effect than THC. Alcohol in Absinthe has role of preservative of terpenese and was never primary thing. So pouring a good absinthe with stems is sacrelege and makes no sense. By the way only true absinthe in the world that you can find on the market since legalization of thujone in 1993. is made by Bairnsfather.

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