1. Sorry to tell you bro I smoke before the gym AFTER running my business till 8pm and it really helps me get the mind/muscle connection. Also helps me recover and sleep after the fact. During the day it’s not a great idea I agree with that. But to say it completely isn’t helpful is false.

  2. Story time:
    To those who say to each their own, I did x and I smoke, great. Your are right. But to those who think it might be hindering your growth, it's a good sign you should stop.

    I Quit a little over a week ago. 30, smoking since I was 14. Took a 4 yr break, and only because I had no choice but not to. I was not lazy, very creative, but had no real drive to do anything. One day recently it kinda clicked. "You have been smoking for so long and say it has no affect (dont get the munchies, or sleepy, etc), but have you tried not doing it for a bit…."

    Since then in the last 1-2 weeks there is a significant difference. I am now working to get a friends brand a digital footprint on all platforms, looking for suppliers for my own products, and doing more video creation. While holding a great 9-5, got a wife and a dog. And it's not that I didnt want to before. I have been watching Ryan, Tanner, and Hayden since they started more or less. But I never DID anything. Bought a few courses here and there to get an edge….never panned out.

    Its like for being clean for a few days things just happenned. When an idea came up I just sent the message, like I know what to do (thanks you 3) so I just did it without thinking twice, or at all really. Sent an email proposal sitting in my drafts for months. Its like eveything im watching now and for the last few years kinda just came out. When talking to a old friend I was like wait, you have no ecomm store and a great trademarked brand? NoYouTube? No insta? No app? A conversation I could have had 2 years ago lliterally just happened, without even really trying.

    Kat Williams said it best. Weed puts some fuck it in your system. For me I smoked morning noon and night, concentrates at that. Wayyy to much fuck it in my system.

    Its not that I couldn't when I was smoking. It's that I never even had the inclination to act on an idea. I thought there was some course or someone that would make me into x……

    Am I against it? Nope. Will I ever say not to or it will hinder you? No, look at Joe Rogan. Some people can do it. Others (most) cant. If you are one of the ones who cant, dont let 6 years go by before you realize. If you even question it, try stop for some time. I mean truly try. With no plan of for x time, just that you want to change for the better and you are good with never smoking again if it helps. That you are tired of being stuck in the same place for however long you have been stuck. Nothing says if you dont see a change you cant get back on that horse. But if it does like in my case…..Holy Fucking Santa Clause shit.

    Mind bottling….no that's not a typo. It's like my mind was trapped in a bottle. Fuck that. I'm out.

    Hope this helps someone with the same struggle.

  3. i smoke while i do things, i dont smoke with people… i think your problem bruh is that you smoked with people; and i see people who smoke with people just sit there
    and smoke instead of doing something productive

  4. Just stopped smoking for 4 days now, it was definitely not serving me and I’m more focused on my business for sure. Some people can definitely handle it though, I’m just not that person. Respect on this video my friend

  5. This is my favorite video you've put out so far. Lately, I've had a suspicion that smoking weed was affecting my work performance… Even while I'm not blazed. I've been making a great effort to limit my consumption though over the last 2 months and I HAVE regained some of my mental sharpness. Truthfully, I want to stop smoking altogether sooner than later. I appreciate your reminder. If you have more tips on this topic, I'd gladly tune in. Cheers.

  6. Nice stance, but people can still be successful while smoking.With your stance, you could say people who have any hobby are just wasting their time.. don’t put all pot smokers in one boat man people are going through some shit , the people who are driven will be able to balance their hobby with success

  7. 30 year old entrepreneur here, work from home, financially free, and I smoke weed everyday. To each his own.

  8. I think if you do smoke weed n love it to smoke like after your work n progress is all done just to relax the mind n body if u choose to do it like that but to smoke n be a stoner type of smoker then yes that will slow you down unless your in the marijunna buisness lol

  9. I completely agree with you on not smoking weed. It is an absolute waste of time.
    I’ll only do it on non-working vacations where the aim is to purposefully waste time.

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